3c print- pattern fabric  storyboard

Texture Motif, Pattern Print that Inspire, Motivate And Celebrate – The Fabrics of Your Life!

You’re not uniques if you’re dressed like everyone else. Distinctive fabric, distinctive texture, motif, pattern or print that inspire, motivate and celebrate who you are  is one of the biggest problems faced by independent designers and retailers. The Surface Issues segment shows you … Continue reading

5 Personal Measurements and shopping cheat sheat

Great Fit Start with Correct Measurements!

Most consumers do not know their correct body measurement. Fewer know how to use these in selecting clothing! Ladies what’s your full chest and under chest, what’s your waist, chest hip, your inseam! Measurement , one of the most  important bits … Continue reading

3b-  color your style

Digital Sourcing Color Palettes and Tear Sheets

Color coding – bridges the personal, lifestyle,  cultural and professional needs to create a  personal aesthetic and a wardrobe of choices! We explore the elements of design and our color exploration, is one, those presently taking the sessions truly enjoy … Continue reading

1-one on one body analysis

Mass Produced Garments Designed for Dress Form can do Little for Your Unique 3D Curves

Measurement  Fit assessment

Wardrobe Fit Assessment

WARDROBE FIT ASSESSMENT Should I keep this? – Can  your friends really  answer this question for you! Actually sometimes even the local alterations specialist or stylist  will have the training . Then again  very body  is different and so too is their … Continue reading

1-one on one body analysis

Style Canvas

Style Canvas is a set of tools designed to empower  customers to better select  their apparel as well as help  stylist better guide clients!  It’s designed specifically to aid in digital  and social commerce, which while extending the clients options also … Continue reading

how to use facebook sell something

How do I use Facebooks Sell Something feature

designing  greatness

Designing Greatness

Last week the question was asked, “How can we shift economically depressed areas such as Baltimore and create strong economies, such as “Black Wall Street”.  I chimed in but  not for long since launching such  a project (NYuKCo) actually takes … Continue reading

Studio slid


NYukCO  is a Popup Incubator, virtual space & #fashiontech collective, focused on exploring affordable design, maufacturing & distribution in #socialcommerce NYukCO celebrates The power of the collective, The beauty of individuality, The impact of technology, NYukCO is a space for growth! Under … Continue reading


Hibiscus, Sorrel, Roselle – How Do You Use this Versatile Plant!

Wrap workshop

April’s Wrap Workshop

Wrapping is the art of folding and tying fabric around the body to create clothing… April 19 th, 2015 11am-2pm 227 Utica Avenue Brooklyn NY 11226 $50 in Advance Wraps are especially  great for summer…  The master class will introduce tops, jackets, … Continue reading


Do You Have a Dress That Makes You Want to Shake it


#‎distinctiverevolution‬ a BADASSE Creative Industrial Activist on Designing Strategy as Revolution

Today I’m claiming the title of Creative Industrial Activist… Creative Industry  Advocate ! For a  while now myself definition of self has not sat well on my shoulders. nor has that of fashion designer, technologist, tech  guru,  marketing guru #coach.  They are … Continue reading

caribbean flavors and handcrafted Cakes By Shirley Sandy web

My Mom’s Handcrafted Sugar Blooms Adorn Her Traditional Caribbean Black Cake is Simply Amazing

There is little that can  surpass my mom’s traditional Caribbean  Black cake, except of course her Sorrel Cake, but the cake decorating  she executes on both is simply amazing!  This pic actually  inspired me to add a section  highlighting the many … Continue reading

FLIP A TECH: Funding Our Own Ecosystem with Vernon Lee, Jr & Mike Green

Here is the #solutioncasts #SolutionCast with Vernon Lee, Jr and Mike Green, FLIP A TECH: Funding Our Ecosystem – Finance incl. Black owned Investment Vehicles, Venture Capital, Opportunities with Inclusive Competitiveness, and other funding options. Mike Green on #Inclusivecompetitiveness Your … Continue reading

handkerchief dress


Kwanzaa Imani

Imani – Happy New Year 2015

Kwanzaa Kuumba


‪‪Kuumba Creativity Creativity is not merely talent, it is not simply craftsmanship. A lot of what people call creative is really more or less “pretty packaging” applied to what already exist! Creativity is, “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, … Continue reading

Kwanzaa Nia

Nia – To make our collective vocation the building and developing of our community

rethinking Kwanzaa

Kujichagulia, Ujimaa, Ujamaa

Embracing the principle of Kujichagulia  Ujimaa and Ujamaa  Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): To define your business, name your business, create for ourselves, and speak for ourselves! Self determination the process by which a person controls their own life, or so we hope but so … Continue reading

Seven days till 2015 make them count

A time for Giving Reflecting and CHANGE

Kwanzaa 2014 umoja

Umoja 2014

commerce concepts

On the 12th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 12 Commerce Concepts

On the 12th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 12  Commerce Concepts 11 Content Classes 10  Sites for Crowdfunding 9 Video Portals  8 Digital Library Tips  7 presentation Options 6 Imaging Solutions 5 time management tools 4 ‘Curation” Gems 3 audio-text … Continue reading

11 Content classes

On the 11th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 11 Content Classes

On the 11th day of #techmas @badassebs sent to me, 11 Content Classes 10  Sites for Crowdfunding 9 Video Portals  8 Digital Library Tips  7 presentation Options 6 Imaging Solutions 5 time management tools 4 ‘Curation” Gems 3 audio-text converters  2 … Continue reading