Mastering Heritage and  Creative Cottage industrialism in an Innovative Technology forcused World

BKStyle “Heritage” can be Black, Greek, Russian , Asian, Italian, Brazilian and Indians and Yes, even Korean Fast Fashion

Listen to this Post BKStyle and BKStylecode is about, Color, culture and creative cottage based industry is my passion. I’ve found over the years that most Global cottage industry actually face similar challenges. So while I explore, write and focus … Continue reading

#Value vs #Values

How to start  a Startup

#CS183B How To Start A Startup + #BKSTyleCon Creativity Logistic Business Tech for Locals

Listen to this Post I recommend EVERY BUSINESS PERSON FOLLOW #CS183B  How To Start A Startup…  the course being offered by Stanford and Ycombinator…  Not every new business is a “startup”. The confusion runs right through all channels. More-so an … Continue reading


Fashion and Tech in the local sector since 2003

Listen to this Post Lately I’ve been organizing BKStyleCon a ‘conceptual ” Conference under the BKstyle Project (Sept 2014) and is designed to make fashiontech opportunities accessible to Local designers and as such bring some much needed #Stratupdiversity. The first step … Continue reading

a fashioncamp 2009 memory courtesy Jonathan bergers flickr

About FashionCampNYC 2009 @NYTech first major #Fashiontech Event

Listen to this Post “More and more NY Design and  tech worlds are colliding and I am amazed about how much they have in common and how little they know about each other !  I am not speaking of  shopping or  Social  Shopping;-  We are … Continue reading


“Braids” a Lupita Nyong’o short for Vogue looks at the socio-economic impact and intimacy of a diaspora tradition.

Listen to this Post Braiding and it’s socio-economic importance- took center stage in “Braids” a Lupita Nyong’o short for Vogue! The young star is using her clout to reshape dialog on issues relevant to her. Well executed it  opens dialog not … Continue reading

Scribble color pen and stylus

@Scribblecolor pen and stylus is a #musthave for #fashiontech digital entrepreneur, consumers and color management!

Listen to this Post The  Scribble Color Picker Pen  uses a color sensor and microprocessor to detect colors and mix the required ink for drawing.  There is also a ScribbleStylus  which connects with Scribble+ mobileapp bringing all the captured colors … Continue reading

nomad factory and bibi codes rethinking work MR4 project

Regenesis- Rethinking work – The Nomad Factory a Creative Supply Chain Solution

Sew open patterns for creatives

Bkstylecode is rethinking the #fashiontech supply chain – #sewopen#canvazz Designing opensource patterns for commercial use

Listen to this Post I recently volunteered to create a set of instructions for making  a pants patterns for the “Crochet addict” thread I was following on Facebook.  I have been “toying” with the  idea of creating instructions for patterns … Continue reading

Home CNC machines

Micro closes Kickstarter Campaign with $3.4 mil raised from over 11, 800 funders

Listen to this Post It may surprise many that the The Micro which closed it’s Kickstarte Campaign with over 11000 backer and $3.4Million  raised, was just one of 125 projects on  kickstarter related to 3D Printing. and 25 for laser cutters. So … Continue reading

desktop laser printer for the home studio

Mr Beam Arduino Powered Portable Laser Cutter and Engraver DIY kit Makes Tech Available to the Masses

gracemink  wearable technology and make up

“Designer Makeup Collection” Takes on New Meaning -Mink Digital Printer at #disruptnyc14 #fashiontech #Innovation economy..

it's a wrap sandals that can be worn in various styles

It’s a Wrap – Rethinking The supply chain as a #Fashiontech concept

Home CNC machines

Can I Get a Patent or Trademark for This – FREE USPTO Saturday Seminar – May 17

Listen to this Post Learn about IP protection for your creative business- USPTO Officials will conduct an all-day workshop alongside intellectual property (IP) experts in providing attendees valuable information about the different types of IP protection and the patent and … Continue reading

Bonnie Sandy ss 2014- Color Palettes

Color Palettes Palette, Pattern, Print

a great pants needed

Addressing the #VirtualFIT issue for indie #Fashiontech companies

flat patterns and Square styles Intro to  craftsmanship in Fashion by bonnie sandy  of DeMarketplace

Learn to craft this top from a square-

Listen to this Post Creativity, Craftsmanship, Strategy, Technology- four aspects that affect success of creative entrepreneurs. So what’s the difference between Craftsmanship and creativity- craftsmanship is quality in execution of the idea. It’s technique. Craftsmanship- troubleshooting poor construction in Summer … Continue reading

A guide to making Prom work for #funding your Independent  fashion business  sketches 5

A guide to making Prom work for #crowdfunding your Independent fashion business

Owning Your Conversation Prism and its full BS in the cottage sector

Digital Strategy and Social Media Explained

Listen to this Post Generally tech presentation focus  on how businesses can leverage the social media tools . The Digital Strategy presentation  has evolved into a series of “consumable” Presentation. This first  series reintroduces, new and emerging technology that is abailable … Continue reading

a wrap party thumbnnail