desktop laser printer for the home studio

Mr Beam Arduino Powered Portable Laser Cutter and Engraver DIY kit Makes Tech Available to the Masses

Not quite at the level of 3D printers Mr BEAM an open source , portable, DIY laser cutter and engraver kit for paper, wood, plastic and other materials . This is significant because it places laser cutters in thesame position 3D printers were circa 2009/10. to date this Kickstarter it is fully funded with 28 days left.

In our image the bag handle is 3D cut with the wooden buttons above it engraved… done at parsons during Fashioncamp 2010. Hopefully in 2-3 years fully fuctioning pre-assembled laser cutters will be available to creative and other consumers… While there are a number of patterns available on  site like THINGIVERSE some may want to  beef up their Cad design skills. is being redesigned and set up as a digital space, designed to accomodate the needs of an independent  creative entrepreneur and industrialist, both online and offline. t serves as my office | Library | Studio | Lobby |  Bulletin board | Conference Room |  Home  |  Blog  | About | Purpose | Events | VIPS | Help Desk | I explore and challenge What is and can  be platforms for creative entrepreneurship :- DeMarketplace | NYukCo  | Brooklyn Fashion Week |Mode Kompas | 28 Squared |#Sewopen |Studio | Pre-Startups |  A means for you to Contact me | Support | and follow via  Social BS |SUBSCRIBE the best way to Stay updated   If you cannot find what you need simply Contact Me. Thank you and Remember your  Sharing,  Sponsorship and Support, helps Conceive Change!
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