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HERE’S A SPRING CHALLENGE;- CHECK YOUR CLOSETS… HOW MUCH OF WHAT  YOU BUY IS REALLY WORTH IT! What  truly  fits, Looks great on you and ALWAYS gets a compliment?  Great style starts with great pieces!  That’s where trained strylist and dressmakers and designers come in. NOT everyone  can FIT!  Then there is COLOR! In fact … Continue reading

What would you STILL do if you were certain you would first fail!

Tubetique is an idea born out of trial … When I first  told a fellow designer that  I wanted to use video technology to sell  fashion  he sneered and declared that “it would never  happen”!  That was 2006 last  year we started exploring video  for other creative outlets! I believ that we can  bring the … Continue reading

This is Not My Mamma’s Business- The Challenge of Taking The Boutique Sector Digital

I miss the Boutique experience!While I am A trained designer my  roots lie in the  bespoke custom design sector… It’s my  passion. It’s the passion of many  who travel across state-lines, borders and oceans from to get that  dress Fashion Tourism! This year along with some partners we aim to bring that sector online! I … Continue reading