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Sample Product Listing Guide

Information should be included  that would inform, a potential  buyer on the product. IF not in the posting on the social network, then on the product page of your site (recommended) . Choose an e-commerce or blog system, system that allows multiple images- above is a simulation of gallery system with feature image!

The following is a guide to laying out  your product description.

If interested in this garment, please use form below! This specific version was licensed to TBA clothing. we can  custom  design for  an Individual or small boutique. This detailed info is available to members only

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I decided to move memberrship to another format.  please sign up at to be kept in the loop!  While we reorganize please use the SEARCH function. If you cannot find what you need simply Contact us. is being redesigned and set up as a digital space, designed to accomodate the needs of an independent  creative entrepreneur and industrialist, both online and offline. It serves as an office | Library | Studio | Concierge office | Lobby |  Bulletin board etc a centralized location connected to and connecting all offsite outpost!   During 2014, I'm exploring  the full potential of digital space for the  small local entrepreneur or digital nomad.
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