SHOP2FUND™ #curated #flashsales to Support Local Creatives

shop 2 fund creative SHOP2FUND™ is a  flash  sale with all proceeds going directly to the  artist/

creatives. We curate product, guarantee it is locally made  and check  quality

control!  Artist are all part of our  incubator program see latest  creative here-

Artist,  Designers, Crafters, Conceptualist wishing to learn about participation

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As a solopreneur, creative industrialist, maker, artist, crafter maker,  in  a tech  world there is  a lot to learn,  do, cover , remember. We  explored discovered tested, conceived and tested. Now we’ll share develop train and organize.

Look for our site specific solutions

We chose a multi  channel solution to  better  serve our network

  • Creative EIn-dustrialism™    blog  www.bonnie become a member
  • Virtual Incubator-  Make the sell For creatives-
  • 28 Squared ™ – virtual coworkers platform & toolkt for the digital  nomad
  • #SewOpen and #Canvazz Collaborative  access to sourcing, technical design  local production  & distribution
  • Pretail-
  • Whole sale Buyers (B2B) register as a Wholesale of Drop shipment buyer.. Get support in  Selling   Creative product  service
  • The B.A.D.A.D.S.S.E™ -List (B2B) Collaborative sourcing- service our Creative Industrialist
  • ModeKompas –  Host List  showcase  or shop (online & offline), your real world Global shopping  Club
  • Brooklyn Fashion Gallery- The Art of creative industrialism… remember why  you  started and celebrate for the  love of  art
  • Patron of the Arts.. partner and/or sponsor creative industrialism and reach   broader audience.
  • Brooklyn Fashion Week;  The  Fashion Week  Brooklyn solution ;- 52 opportunities to celebrate Style
  • Brooklyn Fashion Awards;- a people powered awards and recognition system
  •  Online curated Creative Film  festival
  • Creativity as CONTENT, Creativity in CONTEXT …

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Shop2Build™ – Shop2Fund™

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Thank you, Sharing,  Sponsorship and Support, helps Conceive Change!


I decided to move memberrship to another format.  please sign up at to be kept in the loop!  While we reorganize please use the SEARCH function. If you cannot find what you need simply Contact us. is being redesigned and set up as a digital space, designed to accomodate the needs of an independent  creative entrepreneur and industrialist, both online and offline. It serves as an office | Library | Studio | Concierge office | Lobby |  Bulletin board etc a centralized location connected to and connecting all offsite outpost!   During 2014, I'm exploring  the full potential of digital space for the  small local entrepreneur or digital nomad.