shop 2 fund creative SHOP2FUND™ is a  flash  sale with all proceeds going directly to the  artist/

creatives. We curate product, guarantee it is locally made  and check  quality

control!  Artist are all part of our  incubator program see latest  creative here-

Artist,  Designers, Crafters, Conceptualist wishing to learn about participation

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As a solopreneur, creative industrialist, maker, artist, crafter maker,  in  a tech  world there is  a lot to learn,  do, cover , remember. We  explored discovered tested, conceived and tested. Now we’ll share develop train and organize.

Look for our site specific solutions

We chose a multi  channel solution to  better  serve our network

  • Creative EIn-dustrialism™    blog  www.bonnie become a member
  • Virtual Incubator-  Make the sell For creatives-
  • 28 Squared ™ – virtual coworkers platform & toolkt for the digital  nomad
  • #SewOpen and #Canvazz Collaborative  access to sourcing, technical design  local production  & distribution
  • Pretail-
  • Whole sale Buyers (B2B) register as a Wholesale of Drop shipment buyer.. Get support in  Selling   Creative product  service
  • The B.A.D.A.D.S.S.E™ -List (B2B) Collaborative sourcing- service our Creative Industrialist
  • ModeKompas –  Host List  showcase  or shop (online & offline), your real world Global shopping  Club
  • Brooklyn Fashion Gallery- The Art of creative industrialism… remember why  you  started and celebrate for the  love of  art
  • Patron of the Arts.. partner and/or sponsor creative industrialism and reach   broader audience.
  • Brooklyn Fashion Week;  The  Fashion Week  Brooklyn solution ;- 52 opportunities to celebrate Style
  • Brooklyn Fashion Awards;- a people powered awards and recognition system
  •  Online curated Creative Film  festival
  • Creativity as CONTENT, Creativity in CONTEXT …

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