social styles a class in context workshop

Social Style™ Project is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™

Social Style™ is a CLASS IN CONTEXT™ aimed at getting  the maker, the technologist and the consumer on the same page! it is about using the technology as well as understanding the traditional skill of references in this case in Fashion shopping (or voyeurism)

Finally tired of seeing the “does this fit me” post, and replies from many who had no idea what fit was,  I thought of Social Styles last year but did not  have time  follow through. So I’m making the time!

Social Styles is about open, collaborative design and aspiration shopping. Though we window-shop in groups we buy intimately, even privately!  So we see the group feature as a trend forecasting approach.

we’ll look at

  • Evaluating garment quality and fit  in images
  • evaluating fit in person
  • Evaluating  fit and garment via live video
  • Will that fit me… how to assess
  • Does this fit correctly…
  • the elements of design
  • what is great fit
  • wardrobe editing
  • wardrobe planning
  • shopping for others
  • we’ll review body shape and silhouette
  • lifestyle needs
  • we’ll look at traditional textiles design
  • as well as  new and emerging techniques

and whatever else comes up. Essentially we’re exploring the finer elements of Social  Commerce in a hands on situation we’ll address points of confusion in language and expectation.
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