Wrap 2 Rap is About discussing, Brainstorming and Meeting Our Community’s Needs

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LaunchWrap 2 Rap is about investigating  ”Fundraising” in local Communities!  it is about identifying need and so much more. It is Open so that others may be inspired to find solutions! Each post will look at a different solution! The title comes from a series of wrap workshops I began developing for that purpose…  Yes Teach your passion and raise capital! Subsequent conversations left me thinking. So first the Donation.

I encourage those with  projects to attend this Sundays session.- Together we Can!

Want to get a head start; let’s start with the basic fact that is seldom recognized,  NEED. sometimes the shortest distance between two points is a straight line! So what  does your project need?

  • Space
  • Utilities- electricity, wi-fi
  • Supplies
    • machinery
    • Fabric
    • Notions
    • technology
  • Marketing
  • Services
  • Sales

What else

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While we reorganize please use the SEARCH function. If you cannot find what you need simply Contact us.  BonnieSandy.com is being redesigned and set up as a digital space, designed to accomodate the needs of a creative entrepreneur and industrialist both online and offline. Office | Library | Studio | Concierge office | Lobby |  Bulletin board etc a centralized location connected to and connecting all offsite outpost! 2014, I'm exploring  the full potential of websites for the  small local entrepreneur or digital nomad.  

Your Membership. Sponsorship and Support, helps Conceive Change!

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