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The times they are a-changin’.

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Today I’m claiming the title of Creative Industrial Activist… Creative Industry  Advocate ! For a  while now myself definition of self has not sat well on my shoulders. nor has that of fashion designer, technologist, tech  guru,  marketing guru #coach.  They are tools I change lives, for others bottles, they feel comfortable stifling me within!

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From Fashion Designer to Creative Industry Activist
The Route from Designer to Creative Industry Advocate ran the gamut from 2001-2014.  I knew at the end of last year  that i was no longer simply a designer, no longer a coach, not even  a technology advocate within the creative industry. The need to finally redefine came during  Bkstylecode 2014, by the  end of that year I had no choice but to cross the part. Yet I knew only that  I craved to set distinctive standards!

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