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Join me in celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Black is Beautiful movement!

On January 28th 1962 A Movement Declaring  “Black is Beautiful” began when AJASS led by teh Brathwaite brothers, staged “Naturally ’62 ”! They envisioned an  “ original African coiffure and fashion extravaganza,” featuring the Grandassa models, in natural African Hairstyles  dressed in Afrocentric inspired clothing by locals designer dressmakers and artisan!  They knew the backlash but did not expect the venue to be set on fire the day of the show! They still persisted  doing two shows at the impromptu venue to sold out audiences! 60 years later…

“From Beyoncé to Barack Obama, it’s hard to think of a black figure who does not owe their prominence, in some measure, to the ethos of ‘Black is Beautiful'” –Ekow Eshun, Financial Times

Who are today’s local Natural Hairstylist and Designer

I’d love to support this!

I was able to sit with Kwame Braithwaite on the 50th Anniversary as he shared details not just of the history and strategy , but also their desires and expectations!   you can check the latter part of that conversation here.  The 60th Anniversary is now here, Mr. Braithwaite is now an Elder in his 80’s and I cannot think of a more fitting tribute than a wider vison to see our folks proudly wearing their natural beauty  embellished in clothing made by us for us!



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