10 areas in #fashion that #Technology can Impact #Fashiontech & other creative sectors

The times they are a-changin’.

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On social media, Channels I am hard pressed to  find anything more than  consumer selfies, fashion show pics and narcissistic ‘editorials” posing as #Fashion, even in groups for designers by designers. As I curate it is difficult to  properly categorize my interest. –
Sourcing | Designing | Production/Manufacturing | Marketing | Retail- {Sales -Fulfillment} | Sport/Entertainment | Innovation | Education | Archiving and finally we need to stay abreast of Communication to handle them all.

The 28squared program was designed to show independent creative business how to handle all that was entailed. it further breaks these down into digestible bits. Over the next few month, I’ll be looking at these and posting here or on Embrace da Bs

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What constantly surprises me is that even many claiming to be “experts” cannot identify the importance of these.

Sourcing- Where do you find the components that enable you to effectively monetize that which you are selling. For a designer it may be “ideas” “inspiration”, Fabric, notions, etc.For the retailer, it may be the best products, services or merchandise. To the Magazine it’s the best looks that the customer – trade or consumer would want So to a certain extent sourcing involves not just product, services, but also the ability to correctly foretell- “trends”.

This year I was pleased to see changes. Most trade sourcing outpost are starting to use technology in various ways. The NY international gift fair is rebranded as My own and have added a community site My Own 365 which allows visitors to “pin” to their pinterest board. Now how far they take this will be interesting. Are they simply jumping on a bandwagon, or have they added deeep analytic to help their vendors Mine that data.

So this Year The shift here will be on these 10 areas of technology not just in fashion, but across my key interest points, independent, entrepreneurs, creative and Brooklyn, black,African, diaspor startups so it’s time to revamp the site

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