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100% Caribbean- Celebrating Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago

One of the workshops we do Is based on  self reliance and creating  merchandise around a theme! So it’s time to  celebrate 50 years of Independence and both the Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago Nationals are heavily  represented in our Brooklyn community!   So we added a 100%  all proceeds go towards offsetting  cost of our workshops and this set in particular towards establishing  www.Tibiatech.com

Apart from  laying out the plans  for Tibiae Tech and developing  a formal Business plan and pitch, there are workshops for entrepreneurs and startups  nto develop. As well as fundraising-  from  self funding, to seed to Venture to plan and execute… So in  Typical Lean Startup style I worked smart  and hard! The merchandising samples double as fundraising and PR outreach  hey there are only  24 hrs in the day!  I am after all Trini my Partner is Jamaican and we’re 100% CARIBBEAN. Speaking from a creative standpoint teh concept for  Tibiae Tech is put together by a Jamaican and a Trini both dedicate ship… but if we are speaking from a creative standpoint Tibiae Tech is put together by a Jamaican and a Trini both dedicate serving the Diaspora and Caribbean community in the US! If you are referring to the 50 + 50 it is 50th for Jamaica and 50th for TT .   Together we are 100 % Caribbean is a reference to 10-1 = 0,  a historical moment in the building of nationhood in the Caribbean. However in my circles we are stronger as a united front!  In business etc I am supported mainly by JAMAICANS Grenadian and Bajans, we are recognized as CARIBBEAN. and for many in a new generation in the US they have mixed heritage!

I  used Zazzle for simplicity and images and ideas that  were part of my  exploration-

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