3D Printing The Future and Brooklyn Style – Recap

The times they are a-changin’.

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3D printed houses, potholes filled with a “3D printed carpet”, The construction sector becomes more white collar self cleaning architecture! The Future of 3D printing!

I missed this event, While I had a conflict the truth is I was simply exhausted! Fashion Tech for all purposes is still a buzz word. 3D printing is gaining momentum in tech circles… but the average independent creative especially designers either have no idea it exist or finds its adaptation intimidating! We’re Not even speaking about 3D printed dresses, the fact is this will be a great way for independent designers to design their notions; buttons, buckles, neck-pieces and even bag handles!

Which is why placing Tibiaetech at the Esaie Design studio provides an interesting opportunity. The Esaie Couture design school has a program that is focused on quick deployment of technically proficient designers and sewers! TibiaTech will be focuse on new and Emerging tech in Teh Creative Sector… http://tuberiam.tibiaetech.com



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