50 Shades of Black Techies- Part 1

The times they are a-changin’.

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Many  are afraid to say they are Black for fear of negative backlash in their businesses.  To reach the Black  community, to reach minority communities we need Blacks and Minorities to stand out front.. at  least to communicate intrinsic details, Such is life!  But often the stereotypes come from  blacks themselves,  we all have patterns we expect, execute, interpret or  adhere to. We  have patterns as Blacks, as women, patterns in our work habits, in our niches. Tibiae Tech is in the business of Change Management! Change means doing things differently! We’ve tested most of our theories! Still, in the past months I’ve had my Partner and colleagues remind me, as I have had to remind them! here is Part 1 and Part 2 of my response to  a young  brother. 
 We understood that education had to be a priority for everyone involved and to bring  everyone on the same page! I have been bringing  everyone up to speed with  The current tech space even as I’m learning teh finer points of financing and venture capital funding and office management. we explored and mastered, offline nad online marketing,   telepresence but  struggle with Google drive and “OPEN” more engaging business practices.   We also field a lot of question and we’re working on developing  answers and posting to  our FAQs section

We have not yet started marketing Tibiae Tech , I simply  told my Fb  and Linked in network and set up social media profiles! This individual is not on my  list but  found us. Good sign…
Now I loved the question , it gave me an opportunity to  clarify the many assumption  that  exist! First the note  and my  response!

The Note... Glad to hear you are starting a black tech blog, however I strongly suggest a new domain name… No one will ever remember how to spell that if you told them the name on the street. Plus you miss the opportunity of revenue through, merchandising. Shirts,Coffee Cups etc… concerned …   black tech colleague. (I have removed the name and image in pic) 

My Response…

Ok First of we are NOT a Black Tech Blog… our scope is way wider we are a TECH COMPANY that targets Blacks and Minorities- Secondly Most people in our circles and our target audience are extremely literate and understand and remember “Tibiae” . we do not expect them to be typing in Tibiae but rather one of the many brand names of the various startups we will have a part in bringing to market!

as a STARTUP, our mission is to increase the access of technology available to Black and other minority experts and entrepreneurs! conceptualized by a Black male and female our founding team is mixed and international!

Secondly we have a multifaceted marketing strategy we’re starting with (a min 20000) Social contact list we generated over 6 years in prep.

Thirdly we do not advocate the current “hustle’ approach but solid enterprise development built on innovative, Targeted product & services! Every member of our team is qualified in Their particular niche expertise and is being brought up to speed with the latest and developing Tech trend- I am and have been in the Vibrant NYTech circuit for the last 6 years, I keep abreast of developing , API’s Trends, etc Lastly My Expertise is product and Branded merchandise development… Trust me I can Make a Tibiae Tech merchandise that will sell however we remove merchandising as a first revenue option and insist all our companies build out on solid premises, adding merchandise in These secondary stream. But thee truth is TIBIAE TECH is a Parent company. We may do promotional merchandise for trade and community events our commercial product will be marketed under another name!

I hope this helped, we are aware of the many misconception of what a digital entrepreneurship and a startup within “Black culture” should look like and who they should address. we hope that you continue to follow our vision and be inspired to define your own!

…   What I want  you and others to understand is that “black tech” is much more than “urban hustle” that t shirts and merchandise do not substitute for solid product, service development and business models & revenue strategies and execution!

We are not going for the numbers for Tibiae Tech but rather for those who want a solution and real change!  

50 Shades Of  Black Technology Solutions

Not all tech  companies will take the same path. Not all black tech  companies We have a plug the holes then paint the ship” approach to solution building! as the rush is on  to change the ratio we’ll see more than  many different approached . Tibiae tech’s solution is one of 50 shades of Black tech… we also one of the best tested strategies and solutions to date! We are  willing to work with others, who are willing to  recognize our experience.

I expect  more of these questions even from those we approach to partner with  us. I re-entered tech in NY in  2006 at  Barcampnyc where John’s JQuery was launched (had no idea what  it was about)   . Then there was only one women  in the room Tara Hunt then of Horsepigcow now of Buyosphere. Back then I could count a handful of women in the room  a couple years later a handful of Black women.  I remember sitting at a session at  Poly as Charlie, Peter, Tony, Sanford etc discussed plans to solidify  the NY tech scene as a viable entrepreneurial entity!  Atthat time I was already  testing  the incubator program that is at the root of Tibiae Tech! It was the program Both Crain’s and Forbes observed when doing  research on incubators!

I started developing  a digitally accessible solution in 2007 when 4w closed and have worked with  businesses in Brooklyn, New jersey, France, Senegal, St Lucia, Trinidad, Lagos Australia and Russia all by  telecommunication often by Telepresence.

We learned that operations had to be self sustaining and the Space needed to support itself once launched!  “Selling T-shirts and coffee Mugs is NOT our business model for Tibiae Tech! We can promise investors that  the projections for our revenue model are  robust!  I hope this answered his question but  we would love any other  you may have!


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