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Today I  celebrate to morrow I kick off  Exponent 50!  What if we can harness tthe power of FB or social media  Birthday  stream! There are very  few times people are all but guranteed to pay attention,  one is birthdays and with my  5oth,  I decided to find a way to make that  attention collateral COUNT for my community!

In lieu of gifts, I’m raising funds to support my work with NYukCo, our creative incubator project  targeting locals!

I’ll also kick off “Exponent 50” . The idea is to get  at LEAST  50  people  to do/share support 50 acts that will elevate the wider community.  This would run for 50 days

The challenge then became designing 50 small gifts/acts that could  impact a wider community!  Then get  50 people to not only do them but in turn  commit to getting  50 other people to do …  the idea came from our traditional a funding and financing article

Brown Bag Special- Save the money  you’d spend on  a meal or snack for 50 days.  Commit the amount serve to #Building black or #buying Black  – I’ll provide a list of Black  business that  MAKE their products locally. If you get  10 friends or family members to commit to this that’s a sizeable amount. as more people elect to  do this the impact  grows!

  • $5×50 = $250      | $250×10= $2500  | 20 participants =$5000     | $250×50 –  $7500
  • $10x$50 is $500 | $500×10= $5000  | 20 participants =$10,000 | $500×50 = $25000

That’s $7500 to $25000 for each  group of 50!  At the end we’ll discuss and show how to  pool that  and maximize with tangible result.. all from  putting a $5 or ten  into a jar each day! Teh secret is in the impact of organized mass action.  The  Impact of “Exponentiating” not just with  money  but with task , with  actions…





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