#SolutionCast: LESSONS from the HACK GRAVEYARD with Bonnie Sandy @ Google Hangout On Air

The Hangout on Air has been rescheduled to Thursday Feb 12 @ 1pm Est The concept of Hacks as a too in Ideation – Diversity within Tech  means increasing the numbers of Blacks, African-Americans starting Tech Startups Scene “You cannot increase the number of African-Americans securing funding until you increase the number of prepared African-American candidates applying for funding.” … Continue reading

Projects 2014

The ability to provide for oneself is a right not a priveledge! How one goes about that is not as simple as it may seem. I embrace slow design, lean stratup culturally , sensitive  stategies. I explolre technology , creativity  and natural resources to create economic opportunities. I test  these concepts. adapting them across different local situation . When … Continue reading


I’m a B.A.D.A.S.S.E Creative Ein-dustries advocate with an amazing track record is affecting the businesses of creatives..I design test and deploy tech enabled solutions for the art, marketing & business of makers! I also conduct seminars, workshops and projects around creativity, entrepreneurial strategy and technology. A fashion designer by training , I AM a black … Continue reading

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About BS

If you speak about technology your  needs from your website and various outpost  will be different  from that  of someone who  makes stuff  or even markets or sell tangible items.  Bonnie Sandy explores how makers can  use new technology and tools addressing changes many  encounter.   Ms Sandy describes herself as a “B.A.D.A.S.S.E Creative Ein–dustries” advocate & technology … Continue reading