A Quest for Unique Patterns and Prints

The times they are a-changin’.

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I Am a change manager, in the process of change. I Am going through a transition, my preferences in prints and colors even textures has drastically, is drastically, changing I recently started exploring and experimenting with prints that spoke to a Pan African as well as Caribbean aesthetic. Prints, patterns, colors that spoke of my experiences.

Which of these four scarves would you buy- vote on my Fb page Scarves with print direction for my next phase https://www.facebook.com/BonnieSandy/


It was not as easy as one would expect, if I liked the print it was not in the right fabric, width or color palette. Creating my own prints is a process that required my

For Example “Afro Bein” is a repeat based on modern shades of red, green, black and gold with references to Emerald waters and tropical blooms. While “I AM Cari Bein” Places some of the motifs within the context of mod bright color blocking. “I Am Afro Bein” focuses on animal inspired motif and Adinkra symbols with the global Pan African colors red, gold, green and black!

There are so many decisions, considerations that I have been questioning my own sanity.  It may be time to take my own advice.

” When all else fails, you will need to LEAN ON YOUR WHY?”

So what’s my why…  Beyond the seminar prep, why am I executing these prints? At the end of this project, what would you (I) have changed?

There are a number of benefits and hops.

  • Clothing, rather, the prints, and colors of clothing affect your mood.
  • I come across great art that needs to be shared…
  • Ultimately though the surface design is a vital aspect of one’s aesthetic and that the designer should have a solid say.
  • at the end of this phase, I’d have learned to quickly and cost effectively  create  not just the collateral but various assets  and marketing collateral
  • At the end of this first collection, I should have a system for effective local printing that can be adapted in communities across the globe.

“Why”, the purpose is deeper it’s the reason, the change you wish for… so at the end of this project, we’d have streamlined the Pan African Product infrastructure so that we employ, pay and support and build Pan African communities with the very process that produces the clothing we wear.

That simple shift in who designs and produces the fabric s of our lines will redirect a huge portion of the $2.2 Trillion we spend on clothing into our communities.  the artist, digital designers, print facility, warehousing, fulfillment web and digital support.
Now to get other designers and consumers to understand.

I’ll execute a new collection. using social media and digital tools accessible to all. Follow the progress via my digest. Add your name to the
DIGEST SIGN UP FORM http://digest.Bonniesandy.com

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