After the “Talk” Comes the Questions and Solutions

The times they are a-changin’.

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I’ve began accepting speaking  roles, but  as an action focused strategy based creative,  the question/s of “what next?” is inevitable. but at last weeks engagement four questions were asked. (one at the end of the event).

  1. How do we create an environment for innovation in Black/Minority businesses
  2. For those wishing to  utilize the services of Minority owned tech businesses, “how do we know who s qualified”
  3. Where can we, or how are we to learn “the new rules of the game, how do we handle all that is entailed. 
  4. How can one make money from  “OPEN” resources and technology

Granted these questions are somewhat paraphrased three days later, but  they resound because these are the questions that are often asked in our smaller group meetings. I’m reworking the slides in prep to posting but I’m also  establishing  a virtual incubator “Space” to Address teh questions;- This one for creatives!



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