An Offer that Celebrates the end of the Mayan Calendar and Starts Something New!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Pre 12-21-12 offer WITH CREDITS Learn to Make all these for yourself or to sell for the cost of one dress!  The orange roll Collar is made by the original technique that inspired the Bias Series! It s  makes Bias Roll Collar from less than ¼ Yd of Fabric! Bias is a technique that  generally takes a lot of expertise and yardage! A few years back I  developed a technique that  reduces both the skill and the yardage needed! See Package Details and Buy Now

  • A-  Bias shell dress – Fitted shoulder line ( seen Inside out here..
  • B, F & I-  3 versions of the  halter – Cut on the Bias- Here as Dress
  • D & E-  A back flap creates a full dress feature
  • C-  Dress with Full Length voluminous sleeve- and hand-painted detail
  • F- Another backless version
  • G- Bias Sack Dress Is sleeveless with an Avant Garde aesthetic
  • H- This time a cut away neckline backless with very long straps that can be tied in various styles (reversible)
  • K- Square Shoulder Bias dress
  • L- Introductory  special $110 before 12 Midnight  Dec 20th  2012

I  am a fashion designer using technology… Unlike most  In Fashion Tech  Marketing is NOT the only thing  that technology can  do  for my niche!  I teach… design and fit!

  •  Learn to cut and construct these styles and more
  • In person workshops -. Learn 3 different construction methods- Hand French seem and stitch and serge!Communicate design ideas without  sketching!
  • Learn to Style& Merchandise Inspiration board & Items using 1920’s Catalog
  • Private 10-15 One-On-One web support sessions
  • Learn about  People, Pricing and positioning for profit
  • Shopping Trip- NYC Garment area- we show you how to select for your needs-
  • Private Web & Video Group Sessions!
  • Create Bias Finish and Trim – Create Bias trim with very little fabrics
  • Surface design Workshop- Basic Hand Paint workshop- Dye Extraction/Tye dye
  • Showcase & Sell  – Lets make his fun!
  • Chose to take orders and sell …  we’ll even help you!

Adults only… petites to plus! Fabrics additional Morning evening and weekend sessions! Details will be sent to those that sign Up! Image Credits:- I’m adding a new product  or rather a series of workshops that  make up a complete “course” ! At the end of the first series you will be able to make all the images picture in this picture here.. . and much more including accessories and pants! But you’ll also understand The process of taking a garment to market! You can Buy  One of these … or you can learn to make them and earn! Why…  I want to help you  design , I love sewing  and it’s time to share! The sessions are targeted to cost a total of $440.00 but you  get these for $110.00, Half the Holiday special of $220, (Plus the cost of supplies)! Make in your size or a Friends! [daughter, mom] All sizes.. You’ll Be given access to the Group on Dec 24th!  Scheduled dates will be announced then (Morning, Even, Weekend ) session, and can be used on set days during  January to April! Out Of  Towners welcome!

About Available as a MAKE IT to  Build IT Options




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