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An Offer that Celebrates the end of the Mayan Calendar and Starts Something New!

The times they are a-changin’.

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Pre 12-21-12 offer WITH CREDITS [1] Learn to Make all these for yourself [2]or to sell for the cost of one dress!  The orange roll Collar is made by the original technique that inspired the Bias Series! It s  makes Bias Roll Collar from less than ¼ Yd of Fabric! Bias is a technique that  generally takes a lot of expertise and yardage! A few years back I  developed a technique that  reduces both the skill and the yardage needed! See Package Details and Buy Now [2]

  • A-  Bias shell dress – Fitted shoulder line ( seen Inside out here..
  • B, F & I-  3 versions of the  halter – Cut on the Bias- Here as Dress
  • D & E-  A back flap creates a full dress feature
  • C-  Dress with Full Length voluminous sleeve- and hand-painted detail
  • F- Another backless version
  • G- Bias Sack Dress Is sleeveless with an Avant Garde aesthetic
  • H- This time a cut away neckline backless with very long straps that can be tied in various styles (reversible)
  • K- Square Shoulder Bias dress
  • L- Introductory  special $110 before 12 Midnight  Dec 20th  2012

I  am a fashion designer using technology… Unlike most  In Fashion Tech  Marketing is NOT the only thing  that technology can  do  for my niche!  I teach… design and fit!

  •  Learn to cut and construct these styles and more
  • In person workshops -. Learn 3 different construction methods- Hand French seem and stitch and serge!Communicate design ideas without  sketching!
  • Learn to Style& Merchandise [3]Inspiration board & Items using 1920’s Catalog
  • Private 10-15 One-On-One web support sessions
  • Learn about  People, Pricing and positioning for profit
  • Shopping Trip- NYC Garment area- we show you how to select for your needs-
  • Private Web & Video Group Sessions!
  • Create Bias Finish and Trim – Create Bias trim with very little fabrics
  • Surface design Workshop- Basic Hand Paint workshop- Dye Extraction/Tye dye
  • Showcase & Sell  – Lets make his fun!
  • Chose to take orders and sell …  we’ll even help you!

Adults only… petites to plus! Fabrics additional Morning evening and weekend sessions! Details will be sent to those that sign Up! Image Credits:- I’m adding a new product  or rather a series of workshops that  make up a complete “course” ! At the end of the first series you will be able to make all the images picture in this picture here.. . and much more including accessories and pants! But you’ll also understand The process of taking a garment to market! You can Buy  One of these  [4]… or you can learn to make them and earn! Why…  I want to help you  design , I love sewing  and it’s time to share! The sessions are targeted to cost a total of $440.00 but you  get these for $110.00, Half the Holiday special of $220, (Plus the cost of supplies)! Make in your size or a Friends! [daughter, mom] All sizes.. You’ll Be given access to the Group on Dec 24th!  Scheduled dates will be announced then (Morning, Even, Weekend ) session, and can be used on set days during  January to April! Out Of  Towners welcome!

About Available as a MAKE IT to  Build IT Options [5]


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