Please Don’t Shoot The Art

The times they are a-changin’.

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I’m getting ready to post a “Please don’t shoot the art” sign at the next exhibit at the Galley @ The Stratosphere  #dontshoottheart #artip

I’m not sure folks THINK about the long tail repercussions of their actions. An artist spends money on the canvas and supplies. He/she spends time creating the concept and the art and is anxious to share it with the world.  So what happens when folks simply walk into a gallery snap a shot and share it on their social media account.  The artist loses control of his art and his money – literally.

“But I want to share, ” or “I’m doing you a favor”, is the usual response, really
WITHOUT LINKS to the Artist… SMH

Likes and views cannot buy new canvases.  Turning an income, a profit is important to sustaining the very art you claim to love.
More so the images are full frontal, high-resolution images that can easily be printed! Often times they do not even ask permission. :Look what about Art IP . They simply walk in Point and shoot! Sadly many artists desperate for “exposure” simply sit by and allow this to happen…

I recently asked a visitor To the Gallery At Stratosphere, NOT to take pictures and he was visible offended… when I suggested that he leave his contact info to be sent official “sharable” media and notices of the artist’s print and merchandise availability, he was visibly upset.

Excuse me…
Somehow folks with cameras think it is their RIGHT to shoot whatever they please. It is not!

On the other hand, few artist actually will provide press media for social sharing, In fact, many themselves simply post their work without contact info or attribution. So how do they plan to extract “value”,  profit from their work?

It is an ongoing discussion with many artists I know.

The challenge now is devising a protocol that benefits all!  It’s part of the challenge of creating a business model that  benefits all at the Gallery at Stratosphere.
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So where do you stand?
Do you believe that  you should be allowed to shoot the art in a gallery?
What would you suggest…




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