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The times they are a-changin’.

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now put your print photo craft on more teha a tee ShirtVisual artist – How would you like  your art on clothing!

Last night I started the process for an Open Source Fashion Concept!
First Up The Cut- silhouette of the garment. I then started thinking of all aspect s and how it can be opened up . So that various Members have a viable part!

There is the  production- which we’re exploring.

Then The embellishment- we plan to shake things up and truly democratize fashion! For now I’m calling 

  • Artist- Graphic, Folk and painters – even Sculptors
  • Crafters- quilter, crochet, knit, tie- dye other textile techniques
  • Wearable Technologist… solar inks, conductive trims an d fabrics, Digital printers, laser cutters!

The Artist In the image(skirt) gave me permission to use his work… but did not want his name “in the Man’s System”. The Top print is done by artist Clyde Johnson with whom I often  collaborated!

I am also a textile artist  Tie Day, Dye extraction, collage!  That said I have a Great  collection of “blanks that go way  beyond the  “tee-shirt”, I’ll say no more save that if you’re interested submit your info

To  receive info  please leave

  • your name
  • Email address
  • Phone number




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