The times they are a-changin’.

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A couple days ago someone showed me a style similar to my  DRumPer , the hems seemed to have the same pull and they seemed similar , but the cut  and drape were different. The  item was a polyester, the DRumPer is cotton  or rayon spandex. There are other differences least of which is the price the version in the ad was  $8.99.  My response, we sell to a different customer.

Look we KNOW that at that price modern slavery is involved. The  individual who chooses to buy at that price point simply does not care. Few know what is authentic black style , Authentic black  design and even the various aspects of black design.

Every adult is free to choose how they spend their money, but do not be offended when others  call a spade a spade… My choice as a designer is to be authentic, to be honest with myself even when I am not making the right choice.

As a descendant of slaves and as a consumer I want to know #whomademyclothes.  Even if, especially if it is a Black owned company or heritage clothing. It is the law that it be stated , but I have the right to ask.  As a woman  I want what  I wear to impacts the lives of others. It’s actually why I designed these prices specifically  to e the social commerce aspect of fashion.  In the image is the shell and the new long sleeve tee. As an artist I want  authentic  high  quality fashion blacks as my canvas. the image in the above picture is a screen print with  3D embroidery! If I can raise the funds and get the project running it’s oe item I will definitely add! The Basic tees though are available..  They  locally If you wish to access these locally made blanks for your specific needs feel free to contact me  
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