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The times they are a-changin’.

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bethenny here is backless underwear from couvertureForget hybrid thongs, and butt glue  try these # Backless the pattented, panties by is one comfortable solution (yes I’ve tried them) They are designed by former Brooklyn Fashion Week participant Designer Beverly Perryman of Fashion Mirage.

As I worked on tomorrows launch of the virtual Incubator program I had the TV   on, and suddenly heard the BETHANNY  “solution Innovation” section on  her problem… Promising a solution to  “panties in the ass’ or Thongs Gone wrong” I had to  stop and listen see segment here… 

GLUE and TAPE… C’mon @Bethanny  give experts, designers a chance… I  am so tired of “experts” who  well… “solution Innovation” excites me but I’d love to see call for this section challenges to  the audience on the site. Beverly designed these for HEALTH reason, the “center thong string that  rides back and forth is removed” and  they work well on all sizes.

These are really comfy and well designed



I’m  looking forward to the solution revolution segment  (I also saw someone ask about getting their line of bowties on teh market). Just up my ally.  This however is an example of Designers Artist and Crafters, needing info on what I call Creative Industrialism.  Where does one go for solid advice?

More importantly hose already in the game  need to change how they work and “how I do”. Moreso there is a need for designers to collaborate…and learn to effectively set up their sites and market.

Create a collective in your area.
Independent designers have so much to including social listening, That they miss opportunities to tell others about their product. This is the time for them to work together to sell, market and/or social listening and media.  You cannot  work when you are  doing your own marketing.

Here  is also a case where understanding your search terms and your key words and having a Social listening strategy can help. Beverly has particpated in Brooklyn Fashion Week, so I know the product , can vouch for it’s quality. I also understand the issues with taking ideas to market , so stopping a few minutes and putting this together was simply the right things to do.  We work at solving the  issues that  designer face such as Funding to grow their business, but  designers also have to be prepared to make adjustments. Couverture (the products brand name)  is hard to remember , “backless” however is easy… I hope this give beverly an opportunity.

Fashion Mirage


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