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Brooklyn Arts council has put out a call artists and artisans who are potentially interested in sell their art, crafts, and products at Arts East NY’s ARTsplosion holiday market. ARTsplosion will open in East NY at the end of November and provide a local selling and marketing opportunity for artists and artisans.
September Monthly Arts Meetup: 
Get Ready for ARTsplosion! Part One: Preparing to Sell in a Market Setting
Thursday, September 19th, 7-9pm 
Arts East NY, 851 Hegeman Avenue (at Cleveland St.)
Learn what you need to know about securing a table and vending your artwork, crafts, or other products at ARTsplosion. The meeting will include an overview of marketing and sales aspects to consider in order to make the most of this local sales and audience building opportunity, including:
– resources for simple business card design and affordable printing
– realistically considering sale-ability of items and appropriate pricing structures for items
– how to build a relationship with a future customer, even if no sale is made.
Vendors will go home with a personalized ‘homework’ assignment, of something they can work on over the next month to improve their preparation for selling at this event.
 RSVP needed
October Monthly Arts Meetup: 
Get Ready for ARTsplosion!
Part Two: Strategies for Selling
Monday, October 7th, 7-9pm 
Arts East NY, 851 Hegeman Avenue (at Cleveland St.)
Two artists successful at selling their works at other pop-up markets will attend to discuss the ‘look’ of their table and portable set-up, their face-to-face salesmanship methods, their price setting methods, and their overall marketing strategies.  A representative of a successful artists’ market will also attend to discuss what she sees working and not working for the vendors at her market. Please rsvo  at
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