Marketing “Black is Beautiful” a collaborative Effort That Went Viral 51 Years Ago

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Black is beautiful -grandasaa Model -2013- bonnie sandy
Today is the 51st Anniversary of the Grandassa Models Naturally ’62 and what I consider the start of the  “Black is Beautiful” Movement! (see links at end of post)  Honestly I have a ton of work  to do, but I could at least stop long enough to  honor those in whose footsteps I walk!  Last Year I spent January 28th Speaking to Kwame Brathwaite  and learned it was an economic marketing strategy to move us towards “Buying Black”.
It was a Movement that went viral to the Caribbean, Africa, Europe before the Internet!   Artist designers musicians they created and shared the message in the mediums they were familiar with! They shared and worked together… What I realized was that many of the efforts that were currently being executed around me in terms of The Black, African Diaspora Fashion/Creative Industry had been tried! What I also realized was that we had no real method of reporting and sharing from within the industry and this allowed misconstrued perceptions to flourish! Below is a list of links that tell more on the story, you can  connect  with Kwame on his Facebook page!
 This year I am continuing my Black Dress Project looking at Designers Of color Globally! I am Also  Looking at a celebration Back Redress By, for and off designers within the  Black  diaspora Globally  I am spearheading  a number of initiative to help designers and thus far the results have been great… but working together and building momentum…. We’ll see
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Naturally  ’62 January 28th 1962


“The Original African Coiffure and Fashion Extravaganza Designed to Restore Our Racial Pride & Standards”

African Traditional and African inspired Fashions

We Walk In Their Shoes – AJASS The Grandasaa Models Clara Lewis, Helene White, Black Rose, Wanda Sims, Priscilla Bardonille, Beatrice Cranston, Mari Toussaint & Esther Davenport- AJASS- Kwame Brathwaith “AJASS, quoting from a 1927 article in the Amsterdam News describing why Garvey attracted so many people to his cause, is that “he taught that “Black is Beautiful.” Read more copy of my  original 1997 post  on the  Wayback Machine . NCA Wearable Art  Fashion Extravaganza   National Conference of Artist of Nw York

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"Black is Beautiful … A Movement that went Viral Before Digital Technology"

“Black is Beautiful” 50-year Anniversary: A Movement that went Viral Before Digital Technology

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