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The times they are a-changin’.

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HOW TELEPRESENCE ALLOWED ME TO HELP THIS DESIGNER 2013aWhen we launched 28squared in 2009 We specifically targeted expanding  the businesses of creative entrepreneurs from around the globe  we reached out to  local designers across the globe and Queen  Esther of Kuumba designs was one who volunteered to be a part of the exploration. In 2003 I officially began  exploring  creative entrepreneurship in 2006. I’ve been exploring using  video to  help locals sell, In 2009  I started using  tele-presence to teach, show sell.

Esther  in this image is a master  dressmaker and designer, her skill took years to develop. She had considerable experience serving her consumer base a strong sense of her style and what  sold and well advanced in sales and marketing.  She operated in St. Lucia yet served an international market. Understanding technology and how to use it to expand may have been her  initial motivation, however we worked in several facets of her operations. Dealing with the reality of her  business needs. Today she is able to s self fund, has distribution in several markets and has identified a  new local market.  Now stable she has the choice  to delve deeper into the  technology!

Creative  Industrialism focuses on  issues around making a solid profit from your creative properties while creating  job opportunities for others.   Talent is not  enough to guarantee success. Skill and passion are not enough to guarantee success. However that skill makes a huge difference in long term success.

Frankly helping Esther move forward was easier than helping those without  skill sets. Had she not had these skill sets I would have opted for hiring locals who were skilled. In comparison  a new contact  from Africa lacks the skills and gaining them  would not only take time, it means leaving her family and young kids. In New York  skills training is not the challenge. There are a slew of schools, new “incubators and many freelancers and unemployed professionals.  I recently heard a young woman, graduating one of the new quick start learn to sew programs popping up in  Brooklyn ask at teh end of  the course.

“What  am I supposed to do  now?”

Therein lies the problem we aim to solve  through a “learn as you do’  approach and we use technology to enable and facilitate this. I explain new technology & explore strategies to take new  tech enables Local cottage type businesses Global !

In the old “guild system” that supported the traditional cottage industry went from  Apprentice -Journeyman- Craftsman – Master, a journey that took several years.

Today the Creative Entrepreneurs journey for Makers, Artist, Crafters, Artisans, Designers, is required to shift  from – Novice – Enthusiast – Hobbyist – Apprentice -Journeyman- Craftsman – Master and eventually to Business owner- Startup. in  less than a year. Not  always realistic but with the Global  economic situations necessary.

I’ve also seen

“I’m not  selling Tell me what I’m  doing  wrong.”

I get  a lot of messages asking  for help. I see many requests asking  others to  look at a web page,  as well as post in groups asking  others to take a look at Facebook pages.

The first step   is a product review.   Many creatives HATE this they take it personally. It is not. A great  product is having the sales effort.

I  recently met  a lady with a great  product she wants to take to market.  She then indicated that her son would help her set up  a Facebook business. A Facebook Page for many in the Cottage industry is the new “Business Page”   This  is not something he does as a business, nor did she indicate that  he had training running a business. She cited that  her “friend” did ‘well” on Facebook hence she thought this the venue for her business.  First up “well” is relative, and taking in cash is not the same as making a profit.

After ten years exploring  this sector I’m leaning  towards addressing those who have mastered techniques.
This series will give some insight into what  to consider.

Small mom and pop businesses Globally  need to make the same choices as fortune 500 companies , it’s just mom  & pop doing it all! Regardless of how complicated the business plan model or strategy is, the basic  issues are.

  1. Your product
  2. Where will the customer meet you
  3. How will they find you
  4. What makes them buy…
  5. How do you get them to tell others
  6. How do you create a profit from that interaction.
  7. How many units do you have to sell a year to have a sustainable even lucrative business.

For our site member I will go into depth and address eac, for nowh let’s take a look at the relationship between them.

Your product

 WHAT- I have $30. what  will I get if I handed it to  you. answer the same for $40, 50, 60,  etc… now ship it and send it to me… Oh… you need shipping. It will arrive in six weeks.  I’m in a cold climate you’re in a warm  country. Does  your product serve my needs. do you have it in my size, what  does it look like.

WHERE  will the customer meet you, or rather how will they find you

 Referral by a friend

They saw you in passing

They went  searching  … offline and online there are still 3 core ways to “find” info how many times have you noticed a business on your way to work… only to take the  time to stop by when you need them and they are closed. Or you cannot find them. How many times have you passed by a business and NEVER  noticed it… was never “drawn” in. Only to find they  had exactly what you needed.  How many times were you searching for something and someone  mentions they  know exactly where to find it.

Why should they buy your product?

Is it something they need. Is it better than your competitors. It is simply  the best thing they can spend their money on. Does it solve a need or add pleasure. Is it a value.

How easy is the  procurement process?  Even if they did not purchase, will they be back. If not why not?   Have they been willing  to tell others, why not?

After 10 years I’m leaning on three levels

  1.  now has a Membership  that  allows for general access to detailed topics relation to creative industrialism. Become a member today
  2. A virtual Incubator with weekly  group as well as direct email/skype one on one support.  Fill out the form
  3. One on one individualized   session in person or via telepresence. Use the Contact form for details

But All I Need is… 
Asking a consultant to take a look at your website and/or social media pages is not a simple answer to your business’ problems. A “backer” is not a simple answer to your business problems. “Making” the front cover of a leading magazine is  NOT the simple answer to your problems.  The hole that may be causing the leak can be at any point in the  process. You need to find it and plug it.  With all this you can get your website going and still not answer  the  question…  Do you create a profit from this interaction.

It is not easy…
At first they fight you, then  they scoff, and finally they get it and then they win!



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