Bootylicious Valentine

The times they are a-changin’.

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Bootylicious 101 is the first of NYukCo’s  “Idea to income” workshops. Focused around better-fitted pants and skirts, these workshops taught “LEAN startup: within the fashion product lifecycle management.  This is about selling a viable product in the shortest time possible. and building that product with direct consumer input. We facilitate the distance learning and mentoring that borrows from tech’s lean startup model, as well as traditional and cottage, fashion and apparel procedures.  The goal is to create an MVP Minimal viable product into customers’ wardrobes faster. To facilitate this we’ve essentially created a ‘Validated Learning  Process” that leverages technology and social networks not just to  “teach” but to create and take products to the consumer,  get feedback redesign. and iterate, all for the better,

This is a Beta version of our special designed hands-on series on Assessing, Designing, Constructing, Finishing, Merchandising & Selling for and to various body types. We celebrated Valentine with a special offer which has since ended
Please submit your info, to be informed of the next session

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You can access the video for the Valentines special at prices quoted in the video are no longer valid…

Fit and adjust for customers
Learn to Draft the patterns for basic Skirts and pants as well as several styles of pants
learn slash and spread and dart manipulation and pleating techniques
to create various styles…

Intro from Idea to income – Guide you through choosing a new market or adding Pants/skirts for your existing markets
Learn hands on lean design & production that will have you taking product to market by Immediate ss 2017 and look ahead to FW 2017/18



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