Bridging the divide

The times they are a-changin’.

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A bridge is being  built in Brooklyn… Since  first reading the account that chronicles the building of the Brooklyn Bridge , the use of caissons has remained with me  and always comes to mind when I’m considering the building of tech solutions that affect  local communities. many  are focused on the grandeur that is the  bridge but  what holds the  bridge up is the tedious work that  went into  laying  a foundation deep beneath the river bed.

Similarly many are  focused on the larger and often obvious  tech  startups. Little work is going into building a solid foundation.  In  laying the  foundation  for Tibiaetech  I  am continually reminded of the need for not  just tech but creative and entrepreneurial  support. indeed tedious work.  I need to support that work and move towards helping more creatives, in a manner that allows me to return to build  out innovative solutions

As such I’m “making” my site a central meeting spot. I’ve chosen to build, within a community around independent creative entrepreneurship,  purpose and the use of technology within that space.

I’ve  done the research tested my theories and now can provide affordable and solutions;-
This program will be online therefore available to anywhere in the world at anytime. i also looked at

Affordability – I’m creating a scalable DIY general membership plan… That lets individuals consciously opt into a movement of change. The seminars, programs and that creatives such as Welcome To Pharaonicorp, Kuumba Designs @ Marlies Yearby and Angelic Artistry, have had access to will now be available at a scaled rate anyone member who seeks it. Help is available to anyone who is willing to do the work.

For those who prefer accountability

I also have a Virtual Incubator membership that offers one on one group and guided programs that will make the $5000 cost of my one on one consulting affordable to everyone and to the members other incubator program, coworking space and collectives.

Moreso the funds generated will help in the exploration creation, training of personnel and daily maintenance of collective solutions in the area of production, creating markers foroura project code name #Canvazz and an a collective open license series of patterns #sewopen that will make the local production of customizable fashion forward apparel and #blanks

Thus when I  return  to building out larger solutions via Tibiaetech (in October), I can focus of platform with some comfort that there will be users who can avail themselves to those services when they are launched.

We’re officially  launching



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