Brooklyn Has a Coworking Tech Space Centered Around Local Creative Lifestyle & Fashion Industries

The times they are a-changin’.

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A BKStyle and Technique Earlier this year I  informed many that, we were committed to providing solutions in the creative, Lifestyle tech space! So we’re launching a


On Earth Day NY we will be leading with  an eco-sustainability sale and workshop weekend! Product  development … program!

  • Summer 2013 program
  • Create for Summer Sale  starts April 20th
  • Concepts for Spring 2014 “Fashion week”  Presentation
  • Samples for Fall 2013

Summer Program Coworking Studio- Space  9pm-8am Night Coworking

  • To Create- Mannequins, Cutting Tables
  • To Produce- Domestic and industrial Machine, Domestic nd industrial sergers
  • Technical design support
  • To Show & Sell-
  • Space limited call ll 646 736 2984

Support 28 Squared program

  • Research  & product Development
  • Line Planning and merchandising
  • Business planning
  • Revenue model development
  • Intro to 3d printing and digital textile design workshops
Collaborative Marketing Hands on individual wordpress site development!
AM- Masters of teh  Arts-  as Mentors Group marketplace online and offline
Members discounts on
Day programs from Esaie Couture Design School Machine rental
Sewing machine rental!
Business workshops & seminars from Tibiaetech
Tech workshop  & seminars from Tibiaetech
inspiration fabric covered accessories - lace- african fabrics-prints- learn how to

Come out to Esaie Couture Open House! SAMPLE WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES IN FASHION AND DESIGN These workshops are designed to get  your EARNING… as an independent designer,  or as a freelancer in the  industry or simply save money by DIY! Space for the Nighthawk  – a Coworking Creative Tech  Studio [recaptcha_form]



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