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Brooklyn Has a Coworking Tech Space Centered Around Local Creative Lifestyle & Fashion Industries

The times they are a-changin’.

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A BKStyle and Technique Earlier this year I  informed many that, we were committed to providing solutions in the creative, Lifestyle tech space! So we’re launching a


Event management [2] for Designers Registration For Fashion Tech Coworking Space [3] powered by Eventbrite [4]

On Earth Day NY we will be leading with  an eco-sustainability sale and workshop weekend! Product  development … program!

  • Summer 2013 program
  • Create for Summer Sale  starts April 20th
  • Concepts for Spring 2014 “Fashion week”  Presentation
  • Samples for Fall 2013

Summer Program Coworking Studio- Space  9pm-8am Night Coworking

  • To Create- Mannequins, Cutting Tables
  • To Produce- Domestic and industrial Machine, Domestic nd industrial sergers
  • Technical design support
  • To Show & Sell-
  • Space limited call ll 646 736 2984

Support 28 Squared program

  • Research  & product Development
  • Line Planning and merchandising
  • Business planning
  • Revenue model development
  • Intro to 3d printing and digital textile design workshops
Collaborative Marketing Hands on individual wordpress site development!
AM- Masters of teh  Arts-  as Mentors Group marketplace online and offline
Members discounts on
Day programs from Esaie Couture Design School Machine rental
Sewing machine rental!
Business workshops & seminars from Tibiaetech
Tech workshop  & seminars from Tibiaetech
inspiration fabric covered accessories - lace- african fabrics-prints- learn how to [5]

Come out to Esaie Couture Open House! SAMPLE WORKSHOPS AND CLASSES IN FASHION AND DESIGN [6] These workshops are designed to get  your EARNING… as an independent designer,  or as a freelancer in the  industry or simply save money by DIY! Space for the Nighthawk  – a Coworking Creative Tech  Studio [recaptcha_form]

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