Black Woman In Tech

The times they are a-changin’.

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My very  presence in the room changes the ratio in NYtech scene.

I am female ..add one

I am Black… add one

I am Caribbean… The only one (usually)

I am ‘older”… seriously most of these folks are closer to my  son’s age!

I am a “normal”, though many  “Normals” define me as a “geek” ;

I prefer to say  I  speak  geek!

Thankfully  I am  seeing more black  females in the  Hackathons.  We have a need to  qualify and define! I am a BWIT, a black woman in tech …  still it  bothers me this need to define … it sets limits! Ultimately it  sets up uncomfortable scenarios for pattern matching!  We can  go into long debates on the merits of  ” Pattern Matching”, in the end though it results in  “isms” and is counter productive to growth! the truth is patterns are a safety  net ! Simply put they are often  afraid to fail!

Innovation means stepping outside of patterns!

At hacks developers are Gods…  and in the competitive scenarios many  seek to team up with the best!  I do not  “match the pattern” of someone who will be great at  a hack.. yet  I am. Having won two  best use of API at two hacks… now developers  look beyond the  “pattern” they see.

What  they  missed was my  experience…  I have  a ton of experience walking  creative through their business model.  I  have made fromerly  failing businesses successful!

I’ve  found that the best tech  business ideas come from mixed teams of experts in a niche,  developers,  front end designers, and business professionals! In recruiting for Tibiae Tech  I looked past the obvious patterns and found some gems!

Definitions can limit you  but they can also give you structure. So many tech   companies have failed because they refused to define themselves.  Many  start without  defining a product , it’s no wonder they fail!

As my  Birthday is approaches,  my  call is to  take responsibility on how I  am defined! Moreso to define myself everyday! to try new things to see myself in new ways!  I am a much  more than a Black  Woman in Tech …

I am a Black Female cofounder, an Infrastuture architect for the  dreams of many.

I am an Indie Fashion Designer… with a deep interest in applicable Fashion  Tech.

A Creative B.A.D.A.S.S.E

A lifetime  student

I am an advocate with  30 years experience of changing  policy  and behavior creating  change!

I  am mom, auntie,  friend,  cousin, niece, daughter and yes… MILf

the latter I had to ask my son what it meant… For an “older” woman It was a “fresh” (no pun  intended) compliment!  Look I may speak tech, I  don’t  speak text!





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