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CanVazz marries the best of mass & bespoke customization to the latest wearable technology thus  creating customizable building block that come together to create limitless options for a personal expression!

  1. Canvazz  custom design  service that allows T- shirt  artist  to offer  a more Fashion Forward  product range!
  2. it will help the globally connected & extensive. visual artist  market– Artist, Graphic designers, Photographers Service providers, musicians and other  DIY hobbyist  access the “wearable’s” market .
  3. Local Dressmakers, Independent designers and small medium apparel companies & Interior designers, even  Independent  boutiques will be able to have unique print  pattern and color selection  at  an affordable cost.

The CanVazz system will integrate & facilitate the best in emerging digital manufacturing processes, at crucial stages in the PLM. In so doing it will completely reconfigure and revise the personal clothing supply chain! Essentially we, at TibiaeTech are not just seeking to integrate the best new emerging technologies to “better service customers” facilitate their wardrobe acquisition needs while allowing them to attain ‘exactly what they want” but we are focused, building shorter, more sustainable supply chains that build and positively Impact communities!  CanVazz is a subsidiary of Tibiae tech… and was conceptualized to support the needs of wearable artist!

CanVass is an expanding series of apparel “building  blocks.  The fabrication, surface area the silhouette unlike the traditional  mass customization process where the “Blanks are preselected- this system will essentially  make even the “blanks” themselves customizable! CanVass disrupts the PLM cycle manufacturing  post  printing… in  so doing “addresses” the challenge of flexibility in design!

With these blocks not only is  the surface area customizable  and interchangeable.The “artist” can select the blocks that will define their CanVazz! Once they choose the components they can then add their artwork to the entire surface area! Select their fabrication and size! Digital  markers are created with each pattern piece printed the desired color range!

In the case of the individual hobbyist the Markers are shipped… to the purchaser who will cut and assemble

In the case of the professional … we suggest DIY, using Local dressmakers (PACC) of a certified affiliate!

Small lot and Bulk orders (Minimum to be decided) Manufacturing partners are shipped printed components for assembly! The idea has been tossed for CanVazz bars events/spaces—where physically rendered component are available for immediate selection!

Concept;- New Line of wearable canvazzes and a production system .

Image Credit-a slightly  shaped shift  dress with raglan sleeve is infused with the artwork of Kaaria Yero Muchera- as a did this mock  sketch  someone at the internet cafe wanted to place an  order… for his girl! we all want to Wear our passion!

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