Bkstylecode is rethinking the #fashiontech supply chain – #sewopen#canvazz Designing opensource patterns for commercial use

I recently volunteered to create a set of instructions for making  a pants patterns for the “Crochet addict” thread I was following on Facebook.  I have been “toying” with the  idea of creating instructions for patterns or “blanks” that  artisans can fill with artwork- printed or painted, crochet,  knit  or quilting. I see dresses, bras, … Continue reading

Learn to craft this top from a square-

Creativity, Craftsmanship, Strategy, Technology– four aspects that affect success of creative entrepreneurs. So what’s the difference between Craftsmanship and creativity- craftsmanship is quality in execution of the idea. It’s technique. Craftsmanship– troubleshooting poor construction in Summer tops- In December I saw a beaded halter cowrie shell top on Facebook group. It showed great creative potential, … Continue reading