Wardrobe Fit Assessment

WARDROBE FIT ASSESSMENT Should I keep this? – Can  your friends really  answer this question for you! Actually sometimes even the local alterations specialist or stylist  will have the training . Then again  very body  is different and so too is their aesthetic, their sense of what is beautiful!  there are some basic questions, Does it  accentuate … Continue reading

A time for Giving Reflecting and CHANGE

It’s the first daty of Christmas, the first day of Kwanzaa, and more importantly, for me at least the first day of the last week of the year. It’s time for Giving,  Reflecting and CHANGE!! First the Gifts 12 days of #Techmas Http://Techmas.BonnieSandy.com Then the Reflecting during #kwanzaa2014 Http://Kwanzaa2014.BonnieSandy.com … and then an #offer handle your … Continue reading

Digital Strategy and Social Media Explained

Generally tech presentation focus  on how businesses can leverage the social media tools . The Digital Strategy presentation  has evolved into a series of “consumable” Presentation. This first  series reintroduces, new and emerging technology that is abailable to the cottage industry, from a strategy perspective.  While it speaks to the creative, the information c will be … Continue reading