Great Fit Start with Correct Measurements!

Most consumers do not know their correct body measurement. Fewer know how to use these in selecting clothing! Ladies what’s your full chest and under chest, what’s your waist, chest hip, your inseam! Measurement , one of the most  important bits of information in selecting  correct  sized clothing, is the bane of the fashion and apparel e-commerce … Continue reading

Mass Produced Garments Designed for Dress Form can do Little for Your Unique 3D Curves

Everybody type is different, you’re not just an  apple or a pear, your front back and side are 3 different  planes! Often times, you have more than  one dominant ‘shape” present, add your height and muscle tone and each individual is truly unique! Why  are you  shocked when mass produced garments designed for dress forms do … Continue reading

Addressing the #VirtualFIT issue for indie #Fashiontech companies

Returns because of poor fit is one of the biggest challenge to profit  in online sales! For teh Indie designer teh risk is even greater. When I ask designers where they get their specs from few can truly quote a reliable source! Great fitting pants for example are the bain of most women’s wardrobe. However … Continue reading