Designing A Creative Industrial Curriculum for a Converging Marketplace

Bs august 2013The  platforms that creatives as independent  have access to, are converging. you can access info and by extension product online, offline, Mobile, Tablet, Web,  Tv, print… Fashion for that matter any creative concept is not only product it is also content, service and merchandise and at any moment any designer  in any part of the diaspora is showing or selling to a consumer who could  be in any part of the world! Google recent  $35 Chrome Cast Dongle only heralds at the possibilities

I’m Launching a web series series that  directly address the challenges these entrepreneurs will need to face. The core information has been explored developed and tested within a project that has have been  proactive in preparing local businesses to succeed in a connected global  economy.

Now It’s time to  find participants, supporters, Sponsors and conspirators ( I mean cofounders)

Tibiae tech will spare head teh technology we will eventually need… But  we need to  prepp the very  community that will hold up the coming movement. I’ve started working  with creatives to sort out their product, services and menus; designs, sales and marketing strategies;  build and manage their websites. I’m working online and as such able to accommodate creatives around the world who want to sell to an international market.

They have what it takes and there are schools that  teach them  the skills… what’s missing  is an understanding of “Strategy’.  I heard someone who  had successfully  competed a design course ask the instructor… “So what am I  supposed to do  now”

When you  understand the goal … what you want to achieve and the various ways that can happen you  are better able to  complete. You have what it takes. It’s remarkable that the jobs you accepted, skills you “picked up” and  people you met  during  your life seem to bring you  to exactly  where you’re supposed to be! Translating those skills into  a viable successful business tools is often  difficult to  do.


The original workshop was developed over  10 years and fined tuned “In The TRENCHES” every aspect was shaped or added by the demands of those who were following the program! The chapter outline will undoubtedly change  as I actually pen the chapter  feel free to join in.

Chapter outline for 28 Squared the book- circa 2010

This outline  has since had a major overhaul though the concept is the same! I’t seemed I’ve spent my life preparing to write this book. However living and doing kept getting in the way, now it will be expanded… to an online web series.. with creatives from around the world.

Understanding Strategy & how it relates to your Business Success
INTRO What This Will and will not  do  for you- It’s NOT osmosis you won’t pick up or absorb solution.. this is one you need to do! 1. DA REAL BSS Let’s Get REAL – Do You know what  you’re getting into ·  What do you want to do ·  What can you  do ·  What  is your calling ·Understanding Strategy Business Development, Planning,& ManagementWhat am I supposed To be doing! ·  Placing Family in Perspective:- ·  who do you take your advice from -I don’t want to be bothered is NOT a satisfactory business decision! ·Why you SHOULD do… ·   MASTERING DIGITAL (ONLINE, DESKTOP< MOBILE BUSINESS AND CREATIVE SUITES2.  Business support How to select service providers- who is advising You… what’s their specialty! ·         General ·         Business manager ·         Legal ·         Accountant ·         Other- Professional services ·         accountant / tax attorney / legal and financial concepts / legal planning
Concept development/review.. While the focus is not simply to teach product/service/event design, we believe that the best starting point  is great design!
Inventory of Skill sets, Knowledge base, creative assets IP & potential product review
Consumer & Industry research
Sourcing components , developing and expanding ideas
YOUR Product development (expanding on the idea)I Know what   you  do now what do you sell! Define your ·  Product ·  Services ·  Seminars ·  Workshops ·  Merchandise ·  Licenses ·  Events ·  Presentations ·  Concepts
Design & Artistic rendering
Prototype creation
Prototype review ·  Compliance review by government industry, sector and region. ·  Experimental & Usability design ·  Consumer review
Displaying & Testing sample creation
Redesign & Focused  marketing redesign
Business Development & Models
Where/How are you making your money
Branding and Market development
11.    Brand Collateral design & compliance guidelines- ·         What’s your brand story – o        who o        what o        when o        wher o        why o        Aurhentic – will your story  add  up  if checked…  ·         Your unique selling position. ·         brand consistency and elements ·         how will you stick to it ·         DEVLOPING YOU BASIC Story ·         Key words Tags, username,
 12– Constituents- customer- consumers It is in your interest and your responsibility to educate Your customer so he she become a consumer
Identify Markets as they relate to people- Personas points of engagement, need and perception and value. Understanding  who you need to sell and market to;-  Click or brick ·         The Numerous ways to  click- Mobile, net real world referral, social networks, adds search=mobile -yellow pages, web, real world Drive by What will activate the engagement Opportunities in mobile ·         Understanding “Why”- Call to action ·         Designing marketing concepts ·         Triggers – what make s people do what they do. ·         Developing your LISTS! ·         Brand Recognition
14    Clarify market estimates – ·         quantity ·         Clarifying Budget and finances ·         Clarify large scale sourcing, production cycle and cost ·         General production cycle at production site
15    Testing delivery method and sustainability 1.      record and adjust production schedules 2.      Clarify service terms warrants and legal terms of service
16    ordering  for Production ·         understand & record personal and industry Timeline with a view on developing a delivery  schedule and adjust production schedules ·         make decision on quantities ·         Clarify service terms warrants and legal terms of service with production  service providers ·         Place production orders.
Sales Packaging, Fulfillment, delivery & consumer support
Design set up and activate sales process including consumer support
Designing  Sales and marketing  collateral including scripts
Revisiting your Brand- USP
Set up or activate web/ mobile properties
Redesign package if needed ·         QR or bar code, ·         EDI requirements,
Activating an Integrated Marketing – Advertising, PR and publicity, social media and mobile
Developing  content and placing them in  context
PR – marketing and advertising – ·         presentation collateral ·         sales collateral ·         Product placement ·         Internet and real world ·         Tracking and stats
Funding and Financing
17    Where’s your money at. PRICING  FOR PROFIT ·         Bootstrapping ·         Coworking, Community funding ·         from micro to macro ·         looking towards  funding crowd funding, Angels, VC’s Sou Sous And Investors Know the terms and the  concepts- what’s thetrade off  
Legacy/Contingency planning
legally Documentation and training for your successor/or understudy
Securing IP rights ·         Insurance ·         Trademark ·         Patents ·         understanding licensing ·         Patterns ·         Work for hires ·         Legal?- contracts- Sales invoice  etc ·         Terms of service ·         Privacy ·         Legal insurance ·         Spam Laws
The Official Business Plan & Collateral!
Taking Care of business- Your official Plan  is simply  something to  hand others that ·         mission- business and goal ·         Business entity ·         one page business plan your operation strategy ·         Business name, address, web- Social profile ·         15 sec pitch ·         tag line ·         operation manuals ·         business certificates ·         legal  papers ·         Will ·         Insurance-

Primer- Section A- is the first aspect and involves a detail review and can be used by existing product and companies to revise their strategy! Understand how it works, has been narrowed to a comprehensive step by step approach that takes businesses from research, through product development, sales, marketing and distribution! They are able to define and develop core concepts- A 2hr Intro  seminar and/or checklist Section B- we take a fun  look at  concept of Product development using an open group project, while introducing participants to New Media and technology and  new concept of decision making

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Phase 1

Goals- is an introduction to these concepts as it relates to a specific product! Discovery( it’s a lean startup model) during this phase we explore,  discover & develop… the goal get a working model of your idea!Participants usually  start  exploring  one or more of their products ideas with respect to these elements with teh aim of building a prototype that not only fits their niche and serves consumers needs but sets them apart as a unique and vital product! Phase 2 Participants commit to a particular sector and business plan/brand and beginning establishing “ROOTS’. During the Alpha stage participants interact with the  public in a controlled manner as they shape their product Alpha-focuses on Production and scale It takes the prototype to a production model- Sourcing, product, production, staffing, funding and resources market and gets ready for public beta launch and attracting funding Phase 3 Beta- focuses on Launch of the product, build market traction convert to financing, Refine product/ merchandise, brand and packaging and business development with professional assistance!

Pruning. During the Alpha stage participants interact with the  public in a controlled manner as they shape their product Phase 4 Mature – Focuses on Delivery of products while earning revenue balancing books, reporting and expanding business model! Positioning the business for enterprise and financing, refining brand, packaging and business development with professional assistance!

Maturity At this stage Participants can adeptly shape and  brand products services to meet their consumer needs. they should have attracted interest from  investors, consumers an d press and their focus is steadily  building their businesses!

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