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The times they are a-changin’.

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Color- Palette, Pattern, Print is an Intro to design utilizing social media tools and resources.  it is one of a series of “How To’s” I conduct  and currently in the process of adapting for online presentations. Add your name to the newsletter signup  (at right)  for details on next session.

Social channels today provide us with a steady stream of “influence” for our color stories. In the above example an image of the Hindu festival of HOLI or Phagwa. Vibrant with color from which I was able to pull aseries of colors that became a core color palette… whether it’s your wardrobe, your walls or your invitation and party stationary many options abound.

In the above slide video the colors were used in various types of prints. While we also do print design sessions here I also was able to use the online color social network color matters  to source and create prints!



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