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The times they are a-changin’.

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Folks often shop for  items based on a specific color need. I am a product developer, my vocation is deeply rooted in the custom design and wardrobing business. I’ve worked in different markets in that arena but ultimately it’s about delivering product and accessories from which a consumer can build their desired look.

1- Driven by Color First-
One type of request is driven by a desire for a particular color.

“I really wish I had a red shoe’ or
“I need the “perfect red”.”

So, I literally typed those words in and up came @nyxcosmetics.
Perfect Red – a bright blue-toned red lipstick from
A good start but the customer really loves shoes, so I headed to
#mydsw+@dsw, the customers fave shoe store and found the Shoe mix, no 6 Laboni pumps red black snakeskin print from Hilani pumps! She loved it!

Now for the outfit… It’s summer and with Covid-19 putting a chill on large scale gatherings I encouraged the client to check out my POD (print on demand) offerings at there i
I have 3 reds

She settled on Cardinal Rule
from this she’ll choose a top… Or “tee,” but she really wants a dress that swings… Can I make one in that print…

Can I?
It is the reason I started the art merchandise line, my why, the reason I designed these prints!  So for this long time customer, a special custom outfit is in the works.

If you can sew purchase two of these scarves at  (1 & 2/3 yds each) give  a little over 3 yds to work with or select your fave pattern at and get to sewing

2- “I have this shoe, handbag, skirt…”
The second color need came via a FB viral video… Someone shared the video and a lot of women keyed into the shoe… It’s an unusual color a beautiful yellow and the @dsw mention in the video led to the exact shoe.

The hustler in me knew I had an underutilized African snakeskin print, reminiscent of the back of the shoe. But that I could easily create colored merchandise to fill any desire… such as pulling in the yellow of these shoes

I’ve long known of my customers needs with reference to justifying a purchase! If they bought that shoe they would need something to wear with it …

So within 30 minutes I had created some POD summer dresses and merchandise that they could rock with that shoe.

Now for those who know me you know That I’m all about creating and identifying opportunity… I’m teaching others to do the same…

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