Digital Sourcing Color Palettes and Tear Sheets

The times they are a-changin’.

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Color coding – bridges the personal, lifestyle,  cultural and professional needs to create a  personal aesthetic and a wardrobe of choices!
We explore the elements of design and our color exploration, is one, those presently taking the sessions truly enjoy and discovering their unique color code is something they all really delve into! Digital tear sheet suddenly make sense as does expanding their options in terms of sites and social networks!

They learn to use the images that appeal to them to create their color palette and color their outfits/looks in combinations that affect individual “mood” and even the response of others!  We also simplify wardrobe selection so that they  never need say “I have nothing to wear!” We’ll be adding color theory workshops based on initial feedback again only for those who sign up for our special!

Finally  though we’ll be exploring how to get their color needs met at an affordable price!



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