Creating A Recipe for Creative and Artistic Commercial Success

The times they are a-changin’.

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Postcards of  art   Technology is changing the way we earn from our creativity. Opening doors and forging new paths. I explore  Creative Industrialism.  I  don’t often speak  or even think of what 10 years have accomplished.  Creative under my guidance have made the following reports as to the effect of the advice they took.

  • $7,000 investment led to $200000 in sales (at one Magic Trade show) ,
  • 20-30% increase in sales each quarter (local independent using social media and his website) ,
  • Increased awareness of product. orders with 10 days (product from Beauty to lifestyle), Improved product quality (from vendors),
  • ‘I no longer need to take the risk of loans, I can self fund. ( couture designer now with six outlets and her own production team)”
  • $100.000 in 10 Months (boutique upper east side)
  • You  know, I got resposnse on the emails I  never expected it this quickly.

Those who call at  3 or 4 in the morning desperate for a solution, often tend to  forget – till they need another intervention or  breakthrough. When you opt into change. change embraces you. when you do not you  often  pay a heavy  price.  Unfortunately,  it’s these that  are the most common. Unfulfilled potential saddens me.

  • I get interest responses from your events but I have to admit I am NOT ready”
  • I liked her stuff, but she could not deliver and/or create product in time”- (buyer  after  Brooklyn Fashion Film festival.)
  • I’m not selling on ETSY

The first group followed some, or part of the program or advice.  The second came unprepared because somewhere in their mind, the  did not believe. You have to  opt into success and some people just won’t.

Financing funding resources is the other issue so I’ve created several products/services to address that and help artist/creatives grow …
Time and access was one issue… so we added a virtual component, building solutions in response to teh artist  and creative’s needs

There is also a third group

  • I was accepted(by  store or boutique) but  could not meet  the numbers to be in the store… (eg, two individual creatives whose products were accepted by  QVC and Macy’s)

despite advice doing the  work and prep, they  could not  move when opportunity knocked because they lacked the resources.  In both cases they  had exhausted what they had saved following  BAD advice.

As I see many jumping on the bandwagon of creatives entrepreneurial programs, I am well aware that the need is growing greater. Many will be lured by the promise of ease,  “grants” or funding social  media miracles, and/or star power.
There are no shortcuts. If you want to MOVE you first need to do the work. here’s a few tips to start with.

  1. Assess where you are
  2. Determine where you want/need to go
  3. Let  others know what you do 
  4. Before you decide on a plan of action- stay abreast of the best means of getting there. we’re shifting to a memebrship site



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