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The times they are a-changin’.

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I consider Shonda Rhimes, Oprah Winfrey  and Tyler Perry  Creative Industrialist. unlike others their success supports and fosters the success of  so many others. They all take different approaches, Ms Shonda in captivating  dramatic narratives; Oprah in new age spirituality and journalism and Mr Perry well he takes a lighted view of deep-seated spiritual believe around “Good vs Evil”! There narrative is their own  creative approach , their impact is global…

I was recently asked to expand on what  I meant when  defining  myself as  “Creative industries and Tech Diversity Advocate” I answered privately, however when this image came across my screen  I decided to not. (it’s a screenshot)  I decided to take a moment to share GLOBALLY.

To understand both you need to understand my why””,

“WHY” I do what you do –
The ability to  provide for oneself is a NATURAL right not  a privilege.
That  empowers my  vision of what.

Stronger Local businesses Globally
I believe that my personal creativity that all creativity,  skills and  expertise can be used to benefit ONLY self and one’s own interest or I, individuals, can CHOOSE to cognitively design so that other businesses, independent or partnerships, are created. In so doing more Local Jobs, more families able to survive, better spending power that ultimately shows in our collective bottom line.  That  leads me to advocate for and work towards building  strong local CREATIVE  industries.

Creativity,  the fostering and SUPPORT of local CREATIVE INDUSTRY provides jobs, for locals, who then spend locally and as such build grow and sustain local economies. I define the creative industries as Music, film, fashion, performing arts (dance, theatre) and visual arts, design, broadcasting, literature and publishing, food, culture, heritage .  Vibrant local creative industries then further support the  entertainment and lifestyle &  even education sectors, ultimately attracting  TOURISM and so  bringing even more resources Into those communities.

TECH DIVERSITY – unfortunately  top down economics, nepotism and cronyism often prevents vital resources from reaching the real creative community. I leverage  my  background and understanding of new and emerging technology to help locals build and grow.  First hand experience  has revealed that  access to technology is not  available to many. The  development  and design of such  technology  is skewed towards the needs of a select  few. Tech diversity is not simply access to technology  but the adoption and culturally sensitive adaptation through carefully designed scalable  protocols. Diversifying all sectors of technology benefits all society even the tech  privileged.

I h ave dedicated 100% of my effort to building creative industries locally as well as globally. I not only speak up for and against  policies and practices that would hinder its development but I also REFUSE to engage in such practices. With more people speaking up & lobbying and even writing on both front, I opted to focus on “HOW’. Change management.

Experiential  Design –  All Components that have developed via a process of “testing theory though action” that has evolved “when you know better  you do better.”

My advocacy on both fronts has led to the design testing and creation of protocols,  programs, products, services, merchandise and training modules on which  myself and others can further build. The core components have remained in the same “boxes’ however as I evolved, I am better at organising them.  I have also become more selective in who has access and on what terms.

Transitions  from #IAm to #WeAre – An Ongoing Narrative, a Continuing Evolution
A few years back my agenda shifted from creative expression and entrepreneurship a solo viewpoint and experience,  to creative advocacy and inclusion, Industrialism.  So while before I designed and explored as an  individual. lately with NYukCo  I work with a collective but towards  wider adoption and adaptation.

I am, We are Creative Industrialist… 




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