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The times they are a-changin’.

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I recommend EVERY BUSINESS PERSON FOLLOW #CS183B  How To Start A Startup…  the course being offered by Stanford and Ycombinator…  Not every new business is a “startup”. The confusion runs right through all channels. More-so an Ecosystem needs big fish and small fish and managing that delicate balance is complicated. Even moreso in a fast paced and  changing ecosystem where every new business needs a digital strategy it is easy to say one is a “STARTUP”.  There are many factors and from the question even tech people may be a bit confused.

On the other hand we found ourselves during  #BkstyleCon 2014  looking at the traditional, luxury and cottage branches of the fashion sector. presentersall were practicing in their area of presentation. The result a SOLID look at today’s fashion sector! Not only were attendess able to understand and put things into perspective but they were able to pinpointed many instances where  solutions were needed and make great suggestion!

I noted that most of the local creatives and fashion entrepreneurs Have ideas and can identify need but this new [startups] way of thinking and working is ‘foreign” to them. On teh other hand I keep attending #fashiontech events with no solid answers great tech info but  i end up leaving … Frustrated!

Seriously fashion is more than data and retail, is about clothing that FITS wardrobe acquisition… why s that so hard to digest! Then again Data is important but most designers get a glassy eyed look when we start with existing tools… creating tols services and merchandise that feed teh way creative engage is so needed!

Honestly even these sessions,  it took me 3 hrs jsut to  put all the info together and I am still avoiding the Lectures…   but i am determined to watch…

The Startup is a unique Business genre.  I personally began studying the NY startup scene in 2006 dipping my toes into it in 2012. My passion though is the local creative sector It became clear that there was a huge divide! I recently began bringing together individuals to  Introducing and exploring new ideas and business models from a local tech ecosytem perspective, this Stanford -YCombinator  open series came just in time.  An easy compilation  of all sessions and notes on the series. Is available at https://plus.google.com/116842197693367326602/posts/hoewtoCQV6X


I run a product development workshop that helps trash out ideas and find though that the push back is in the execution phase! Essentially  you’re hangeing culture…  Still I decided to strengthen my skillsets and discover new ways of teaching hence I’m by taking this course and discussing it  in specific lights

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