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This year I decided to celebrate Cyber Monday by extending an offer that would help others adopt technology in their businesses! There is no reason today for any person engaging in a hobby or a business not to have a web presence! Google Sites, Blogger, Tumblr are among the many platforms that will allow you to set up a website, and utilize your own Domain URL for free. is free and you can forward your domain Name to your wordpress blog. That said you can set any of these up with the standards
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Shop- you can even add ecommerce functionality by that, I mean a store and use Paypal as a payment system.

I have made a number of post on this but realize that some simply need a bit more help walking through the process. So I am offering my “friends & family” support package. This package includes a series of instructions delivered vai email, a support group and online group session [tutorial]. As well as 30 mins one on one phone/skype.

I’m also exploring and showing the best process to decide on a digital strategy! a website, or presence is just one aspect of a digital strategy.I also take a practical appoach, i design web strategies for people who do more than talk about the web. I’ve had over 10 years of experience doing so. Since 2003 I have studied the use of technology first in the local fashion sector and by that NOT simply retail but from concept to consumer and back again, I later broadened that exploration into food, dance, video art, in short local creative cottage industries across the globe. In 2005/6 I started playing with then Mambot (now Joomla) and sometime after that migrated to a self-hosted WordPress. I’ve tried just about every platform out there either for myself or someone I worked with! I’v e been on Blogger since 2004 now use a self-hosted WordPress as the center of my digital hub. That understanding is often Not found in articles about the use of technology. So I’ve added a second offer which will run online January and February 2015 and also includes a 30 minute one on one to brainstorm on individual needs!

And finally learn to manage the backend of a self-hosted WordPress Install. As well as how to enhance WordPress with plugins and themes to create a full digital strategy! I’ll share my list of the best plugins and themes. Runs January & February 2015. Work at your own time, weekly sessions, two 20 minute, one on one strategy calls
Unlimited chat assitance.. Prep starts December 15th!

A digital strategy can do more than provide a “store” or dynamic bulletin board. Understand how to integrate the various platform in the the #conversationprism- to communicate to your VIPS (vested interest parties) and sponsors. As well as manage and control you social media efforts effectively without putting a strain on your resources.

Offers is only for today (Cybermonday 2014) and made directly to my network (local and online)!
Register on Cyber Monday December 1st 2014 by 12 midnight! You’ll receive Website prep guide within 48 hrs…
CM2014-WS – Cyber Monday Get Online – DIY Web Site special
Cyber Monday special $31.00 | 2014 -$ 65.00 | 2015 $ 100.00
CM2014-DS – SS2015 Digital Strategy Prep – Cyber Monday special
Cyber Monday special $60.00 | 2014 -$ 120.00 | 2015 $ 280.00
CM2014-WPM – Cyber Monday Get Online – WordPress managementl
Cyber Monday special $100.00 | 2014 -$ 200.00 | 2015 $ 500.00

If you missed this effort, I’m revitalizing my email strategy 2015 get on my list… prices may be adjusted in the future



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