Be seen by fashion press- #bkfasion #designers I need your images for #hearstfashionhack

The times they are a-changin’.

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Why not  I’m part of a team that will be  pitching before Fashion and tech press at ,  this weekend. February 9 & 10… yes it’s snowing but trust me everyone who made it to in NY will be there! Nothing stops a fashion crowd! We’ll need to use images, My team and I  intend to have fun so actually we’re  welcoming any independent designer (Fashion, home, accessory, and yes I insisted)! We have an idea of what we’ll be building… but we do not want to use “stock” images. I hesitated at first but how often does one get to pitch before the fashion press from Elle,  Bazaar, Cosmo, Marie Claire etc ! So please fill out and share with a friend/colleague. we’ll send you instructions …  oh btw we’re speaking  SS2013…



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