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There is more to #fashiontech and digitalfashion than social media and e-commerce. Designers may be able to able to execute their concepts, organize production, conduct fittings, manage production, Show and sell flawlessly offline. Very few can translate those very skill within the digital space. At the core the  questions that exist is not solely whether or not the technology we currently use is the most efficient or cost effective but also are we maximizing how we leverage that technology! More so are we actively ascertaining that our future needs are met! Part of the challenge is an understanding of the scope of what currently exist. Usually when someone is asking for a website, it’s to accommodate an e-commerce strategy. However a store is not just simply racks, displays and a shopping cart.  Options now include “a single channel, multiple or omnichannel approaches. We can even connect offline to online, as well as online to offline to increase chances of conversion.
Easy for large fashion companies but what about the small reative entrepreneur. In the last 2-3 years I’ve explored my digital presence on various sites, social media platforms specifically mimicking my offline needs.  I’ve hacked together virtual spaces for my-

  • Gallery  
  • Portfolio
  • Studio-
    Digital Canvass
  • Library
  • Tear sheets
  • Classroom
  • Resource center
  • Conference room- schedule, hold and host meetings for one or more
  • Cork board
  • Office
  • Theater | Screening room
  • Magazine reviews essays & article
  • Library
  • Kiosk
  • Customer service center
  • Incubator
  • Lab/think thank
  • Directory
  • E-commerce (Digital Commerce) center
  • Gift store- distributing merchandise and swag
  • Data collection  and tracking

It’s amazing not only what can be done but how much easier it is to function once the logistics were figured out. Efficiency though was all centered on a core understanding of execution of both the task and technology.

Extending the use to others meant showing them interfaces and explaining strategy!
Showing other how to  use the technology  immediately resulted in improvement. Which inspired me to offer an online lab during the months (January to February),  Some of the topics we’ll cover will be we’ll cover

  • Product development – ” TAKE YOUR IDEAS TO MARKET  –the product development process fashion, home, music, food,
  • How to build and a free website – “GET ONLINE – A guide to a Free DIY web portal”
  • Explore strategy & execution- “DIGITAL STRATEGY PREP –  before you hand over the management of your digital strategy  understand what you  need and how to communicate that to a “techie”
  • Participants will focus in on the sizing or specification needs “specs” for their products- FIT TO  SPECS-is  a virtual measurement, fit “how to ” guide
  • Discover who their customer is – “PRACTICAL PERSONA PROFILING – how to map -who is your consumer and vested interest parties and sponsors what do they need”
  • explore – CREATIVE BUSINESS STORYTELLING   –  communicate via Images, Text,  Audio,  Video for  Communications that sell:- Media design  on a budget-  Communicating the why , your values, your vision, your brand
  • VIRTUAL CREATIVITY LAB – which is a virtual take on our  concept development  workshop.
  • TECHNICAL PRODUCT DESIGN-  Got an idea can’t  execute the technical prototype – Fashion, Accessories & Soft good
  • DIGITAL TOOLBOX – to help save time and money
  • Utilize technology to stay on top of scheduling, budgets, profit and loss


“Fashion tech is “a $1.2 trillion market size, expected to grow to $2 trillion by 2018. To put that into perspective, the global SaaS market is around $20 billion. Cloud services is $131 billion. And enterprise software is $120 billion. that’s in less than four years .. (according to BOF)


I want to see more designer professional active in  the fashion tech boom! The people building these solution do not necessarily have experience in Making or servicing fashion. While I’m excited I often find my natural flow cramped! There is a wealth of “spaces’ to help. Offline spaces now include maker spaces, hacker spaces, coworking spaces, collectives, show rooms, incubators and accelerators and even #fashiontech labs


“Fashion Tech Labs Are All The Rage: A Guide To 11 Fashion Tech Labs And What They Offer “ There is even a proposed lab in NYC

NYC will spend $3.5 million to develop a 160,000-square foot space reserved for small fashion designers to research, develop and manufacture their products.


There are criteria to secure a footing in these labs (retail and fashion)

 “Generally, you will only be accepted into their competitive entry programs if you already have an operating company, have a prototype that works, and already have some customer engagement. A couple programs will take earlier stage entrepreneurs who show promise with their prototype, but have not completed testing.”

Thee is also a lack of diversity among those entering. Due in great part to a lack of understanding the technology .   It’s a simple question, what would you  build if you could. Followed by a program to help you  understand…

Why not join me online during January- March 2015



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