Discussing and Solving our Communities Problems!

The times they are a-changin’.

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I need  help getting this project  to the next level… I’m looking at using the Wrap knowledge as a base for fundraising and I want to invite others into the process and discussion in an effort to help them help their communities!

Our project is teaching young people how to take their talent and create an income from themselves and friends! Bootstrapping  starting from scratch may be romantic but their are logistics, where do the basics come from.

“Wrap 2 Rap” explores how we raise resources (it’s more than money)  for our community’s use. please not we preach self sufficiency  so that the budget builds in maintenance and self support, however the cost of starting often prevents communities from moving forward.

First up is “the donate button” as seen here it is simple to set up, the challenge is sharing and convincing the community to be part of the solution.  Many are Not going to ask for a donation simply because of cultural taboos! Overcoming that feeling that asking for support is a weakness is a very strong hindrance to asking for or seeking help!

On May 5th I’ll begin hosting a forum on supporting our community! Sign up below to attend in our studio or online!

We’re pursuing various funding methods for our project,  however if this is to be duplicated than we need to develop a simple to “repeatable” method of pulling in  resources.  Like every aspect  I’ll test this personally first… Wrap 2 Rap … I’m also launching “wrap2rap” to investigate contextual fundrasing… somehow selling  Candy, does not seem the best way to  help a project  focused on using your talent to support yourself!  The same goes for selling  items from mass  produced major label when your business is about local crafters, designers!

Wraps are a form of “convertible” clothing  influenced by the Indian and Arfican clothing of my native Trinidad and Tobago. A few weeks ago I started prepping for a seminar/workshop, Since then I’m rethinking this as a much larger distribution and offering limited edition collaborations with various artist

A few days ago I was discussing  fundraising with  someone from Atlanta who had hit a block in their methods. Change requires resources. as she asked me for my input I stumbled not  because I did not have any ideas or thoughts on the  subject but because I had not tested nor discussed it with others! During my high school years we’d hold school bazaars, each class was responsible for raising the money for their “stall”… I could not help but return to that model especially the social  “pressure” that led to every child feeling obliged to contribute!

Then there is the opportunities that technology affords

Subsequent post in this category will deal with self funding through crowd funding sou, sou’s and other culturally traditional  relevant methods and individual responsibility.




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