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The concept of Hacks as a too in Ideation – Diversity within Tech  means increasing the numbers of Blacks, African-Americans starting Tech Startups Scene

“You cannot increase the number of African-Americans securing funding until you increase the number of prepared African-American candidates applying for funding.” …

Ultimately, that means introducing the StartUp culture to more. – Our Presenter: Tech Diversity Advocate and Technology Adoption Consultant BONNIE SANDY – will walk us through the various stages;

Video/slides will be added post info  for Hack info sheet and local startup programs  please sign up here


  • Ideation – the importance of “hack” in ideation” and alternatives to the “Hackathon”
  • Beyond the hack graveyard – Startup Tech ecosytem 101
  • Concept development;- building MVP proof of concept
  • Consumer Development or “traction”
  • Operational Logistics
  • Revenue streams plan product & revenue stream;
  • Developing the pitch
  • Funding and Financing DIY vs VC ; Equity vs Debt; Traditional vs Cultural

For more on Equity Funding – Early stages; equity sweat/self-funded, Angel friend or family and VC “Venture Deals.”see more on listen in to the next Urbantechfair  #SolutionCast with Vernon Lee, Jr and Mike Green, FLIP A TECH: Funding Our Ecosystem – Finance incl. Black owned Investment Vehicles, Venture Capital, Opportunities with Inclusive Competitiveness, and other funding options.

  • (Feb 23) Flip A Tech: Funding Our Ecosystem with Vernon Lee, Jr and Mike Green details


Bonnie Sandy has been championing  Tech as a vehicle for Creative Industrialism since 2003 and has participated in four hacks and attended a couple more. Her team (hacking is a team event) has won at Photohack Day NY and NY Fashion Hack. She also host Projects that “Hack” solutions for creative entrepreneurs a process she describes as “Testing Theory  via Practice” or PreStartups ..
While, she no longer attends  hackathons, they were instrumental in helping her develop the product development process she currently employs!


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2015 – this year  we take teh lessons learned into practical solutions  Adding commercial comonent  and revenue streams;-

  • Brooklyn  Tech in  heart of Black communities
    • Stratosphere Studios adding tech to their creative lineup aith a specific Wednesday Tech session Wednesdays  Get on the list
  • Do it with Tech Alpha – January to March 2015 help business owners adopt and adapt tech to  run  their business and expand their product lines… MVP for extending our virtual incubator
  • Do it with Tech Beta – March -June 2015 … based on first group we will redefine 1month into and then 3 month program
  • Bkstylecode – Trade conference September 2015 –
  • Local Trade Sourcing  show 2015 TBD
  • Omni Channel Pan African Trade Sales Platforms –
    D2C – Direct to  Consumer 
  • Brooklyn Fashion Gallery  Phase 2 – Monetizing  our exceptional media skills

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