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Take a look At I’ve been completely redesigning It to answer teh question- What  do I need from a Website? What would the Boutique translate to online! It’s the question one of our concepts startup at seeks to answer! So I took to   looking not  just at  existing solutions but also whats is needed by the local  designer proprietor!

If I were to set up a display and have the customer simply walk the store, I  would get  little conversion  in sales! Expecting the  consumer to walk up to the cash register and check themselves out! Yet we do it everyday with preset web site design and platforms . So what  would I need to do,  as a designer or rather what  would my website need to do!

The offline space serves several need.

I have a studio where I explore and experiment: i need a space to meet  customers, a space to show product for sale, etc.  It’s been at the back of my mind as I plan on being a Digital Nomad!

A few weeks back I put a call out  to designers  for a project and asked for their website!  I discovered only two with their own websites. Many sent  me to third party sites!  Inevitably  I got side tracked and followed links away from their page! There is also a misconception that  a website was expensive. So I took on the challenge of exploring a new approach! The final design is still a work in progress! I took this on in Phases

  1. What  does the website need to be capable of
  2. Defining a unique look
  3. Working on Usabiliy
  4. optimizing for seatch and seo
  5. optimizing for social

Here’s what I (and other designers) need to do (we don’t just do fashion Shows)

    • consumer profiling & specs
    • conception/ Ideation
    • materials sourcing
    • prototyping
    • pattern-making
    • sample making
    • surface design & tooling
    • production
    • quality control
    • packaging
    • marketing
    • sales
    • warehousing
    • shipping
    • fulfillment
    • Business maintenance

What can you website do for you!

What about customers first up  they’d need to be able to communicate with me…  My store is not  “Open”.  I differ from a retail establishment in that manner!   There is usually a show window and customers step in!

  • Public vs Private
  • Show window
  • Stepping in
  • Making appointments

When a customer walks into my store I have a rhythm  in my sales process…  I engage and SELL or someone else will… often  customers bring or refer  friends… Social Commerce is not new It’s using the  technology  We’re mastering!

  • Those customers need to be thanked
  • Recognized & rewarded

I have products services and merchandise

  • Off the rack
    • customers generally influence the off rack pieces
    • set  prices, special
    • limited time and edition sales
  • Custom Ordered
    • means selection of fabrics based on color print
    • Special occasion
    • One of a kind or customized

Both require personal attention and accurate  info

  • Body analysis
  • measurement
  • Fittings
  • Styling Advise

I  conduct Seminars & workshops: one on one, or group

  • Design &  Product
  • Web & social Media
  • Business development

Oh and the Fashion Books & Tear Sheets etc ;- I’m actually almost paperless (YEAH!!!) Events  & Projects

  • Fashion Shows
  • Body paint shows
  • Private
  • Public

What the customer likes

  • Watching me create
  • Access to the designer or sales staff  while browsing the floor
  • Visiting  Designers
  • Trunk show

Social Commerce  does my site work for the customer The Local Boutique is a  refuge from life’s fast pace!  Each store also has it’s own “feel”.. Is that possible and at a “reasonable” cost? What really makes the local store or designer “special” though is a sense of being in an inner circle… evenings spent talking and gossiping! yes communicating… I did not want a “generic” experience! Communication is Key and so I headed for the  Latest  rendition of the  Conversation Prism! yes latest the web is evolving to expect the strategies and themes is same  not realistic nor advisable!   Conversation Priam 4 The changes have  paid off  even though I am not yet completely finished! I would enjoy feedback and discussions!

I’ll be conducting workshops and have a special offer!  I highly recommend a self hosted WordPress and  Dreamhost is great! Here’s a special coupon for one year hosting!  feel free to submit questions or Register  on this site for upcoming workshops!

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What do You need your website to do for you?



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