Eliceo Rodriguez’s Digital Photography Workshops

The times they are a-changin’.

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The above images  were shot with a two lenses 300 mm lens @5/6 and an 18-55 mm lens@5/6, 11, 2.8 and shot at a speed of of 100 That I  even know that these exist and what they mean I can credit to A colleague;- Eliceo Rodriquez has been a photographer for almost 49 Years. He spent a lot of time shooting his  original Mamiya Camera. Today like many he has several  types of digital cameras  in his professional  arsenal: while he uses canon from time to  time he prefers  his    Nikon and still shoots with the Yashica Mat 124   he purchased  in 1969!

I recently began reaching out to  colleagues asking their help creating a specific set of courses for local businesses!  Practical classes that will help them navigate the new digital frontier! First Up Images!  All Professionals are available for hire just  submit  via the form below. They however also recognize that independent businesses cannot always wait  or call their photographer and that even your social media images need to do so much! Workshops are also meant to be social not in a stiff classroom
Eventbrite - OUT OF THE DARK - Digital Photography, Natural lighting & Composition
So the series of classes in June

Eliceo will be Initiating a series of

Digital Photography Workshops –

Afternoon’s June  details will be released to registrants!

1)      Brooklyn  Botanic Garden  “Natural  light & Nature”  11th Tuesday

2)      Prospect  Park Architecture  & Man made structure’ 17th

3)     Stories in The  Cityscape (Manhattan) June 24th

4)     Grand Army Plaza People & Places  July 1st

We wanted workshops that were fun took business people into less stressful environment and still accomplished something! So grab your snack or pack a lunch and meet up  for an afternoon of networking and Photography, while you learn about your camera

THE GOAL:- Understanding your camera’s menu, setup & settings digital and mobile camera!

We’ll Learn the difference between a digital, and sheet film (2 and ¼), Open Lens , Camera Speed, Shooting with Natural vs Incandescent (flash) , Shooting  raw footage, Framing the shots for story -telling !
Eventbrite - OUT OF THE DARK - Digital Photography, Natural lighting & Composition




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