Embracing Changes takes a bit getting used to

The times they are a-changin’.

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The conversation prism social media fashion artisans tech  the creative  sector and commerceConversations make a difference! As I make changes to the site, two things come to mind;-1)  Do these changes work for the  customer and 2nd, how do they fit into the overall workflow.

What I did not expect way the challenge of adoption on my part!  Case in point the chat feature, which  works really well if I can recognize the notification sound. Meant to accommodate the natural  process of a consumer entering an offline boutique and having direct access to an  attendant; I find myself stammering at that  process which I have  executed a number  of times in” real situations”! Back to the drawing board and seriously considering – “all the separate conversation taking place- or that needs to take Place”!

Screen shot of transcript from  the chat feature to the left, and bottom left of our page!

Screen shot of transcript from the chat feature to the left, and bottom left of our page! Instant  communication with site visitors! 

In prep, I headed to Brian Solis’s Conversation Prism. The question became “what conversations do I need to conduct or monitor?” A question we’ll tackle in an ongoing process in our forums!

See,  forum topic: What support mechanism are needed in a social commerce space – the Conversation Prism? I’ve also since started a “To-do list” based on my exploration! Now where does one store such a list in a virtual office/studio.

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